How to Choose Right Curtains for Your Kitchen (100 Examples)

It is difficult to find curtains, which will embellish the room, and hide its shortcomings.

But even more difficult to choose curtains in the kitchen. Curtains, distracting attention from the natural “shortcomings” of this room: kitchen utensils, tools, utensils.

We have something that will help you make the right choice. Curtains, which will be combined with the interior design, and magically transform the kitchen space.

A selection of 165 photo curtains for the kitchen, which you can order, and some even make by yourself. In addition, a convenient infographics will help you decide on the style and type of curtains.

Choice of curtains depending on the style of the kitchen

Modern style

Serenity and comfort, elegance of shapes and furnishings – these are the characteristic signs of design in the classical style. Classic curtains will complete the appearance of such an interior, advantageously present expensive furniture and bring the very highlight that will make the atmosphere truly unforgettable. In classical cuisine, try to avoid bright accents, rich and deep colors, which can make the situation difficult and uncomfortable.

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East style

Exotic interior of the kitchen with its colorful multicolor and emphasized luxury is perfect for lovers of exquisite sophistication. Mysterious oriental atmosphere is perfectly complemented and underlined by the photo-blinds with a calligraphic ornament or exquisite pattern applied on them. Feel free to choose multi-level curtains with jabots, svagami, lambrequins, cascades. Brilliant fabrics embroidered with gold, bright colors, fringe and tassels, intricate patterns of arabesques – all the highlight in detail!

Another interesting option for the kitchen in the oriental style is a organza veil with embroidered oriental or floral motifs on it.

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For such a kitchen, the curtains are very easy to select, because almost any curtains are suitable here! The main condition – they should not be complicated drapery, fanciful details, excessive pomp. The classical version – light curtains and a thin curtain with English, Austrian, Roman themes. Curtains of French stylistics must be completed with ties, loops, kulisks. Choose textiles from light, light, maximally translucent fabrics to let in your colorful kitchen a maximum of light!

Please note that the cornice in your kitchen is not massive, otherwise all the ease and simplicity of the interior in the style of Provence will be lost. It should not stand out, but only exquisitely emphasize and complement the design of the window.

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Particular importance in the kitchen with the design of the country has textiles: it should be a lot, and it is he who sets the whole style of the room. For the rural interior is characterized by the use of the same fabric for the design of all the details: curtains, napkins, tablecloth, chair covers – they are all made from the same material, bribing the audience with its modest simplicity and creating an atmosphere of quiet home comfort. Blinds can also be an excellent option for kitchen design in country style .

For curtains in the kitchen in the country style most often choose light shades, for example, fabrics of white or cream colors, but always with a picture! Characteristic for country colors curtains – it’s striped, in a cage, in a flower, images of farm subjects (pets, village houses, ears, garden fruits). Among the curtains of unlighted shades, red, pink, yellow, orange, red, orange, light green or soft blue colors are also acceptable.

In the kitchens of the West, in the style of country windows, it is customary to decorate with a simple lambrequin, marquise or flounce. For example, you can sew a magnificent lambrequin of bright fabric in a flower or a cage.

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