24 ways to save on a kitchenette

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The miser pays twice, but not everyone in the family has Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Today we will share with you the safest ways to purchase a kitchen set WITHOUT damage to its appearance and quality.

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Come up with your perfect kitchen set

In which all your wishes are taken into account. And already on its basis, discuss with the designer possible options to simplify and reduce the cost of the kitchen design project .

Determine the upper limit of the cost of the headset

And strive not to exceed it by more than 15-20%.

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Choose from several manufacturers

Send your headset project to several companies so that you can calculate their cost online. So you can choose the best option for you at a price.

Please note that too low a price may indicate the use of substandard materials.

Watch for discounts and sales

It is unlikely that buying a headset is a spontaneous decision, so it makes sense to google the dates of seasonal sales or birthdays of stores and wait for discount offers.

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Attend exhibitions

Often presented at furniture exhibitions models can be booked at a special price.

Read the promotion conditions carefully.

In order not to be in the bondage of the mandatory costs, written in small letters.


Order the case separately from the facades

A standard case in stores like Ikea or Leroy Merlin will cost you less than a completely custom-made headset.

Use several types of facades

By combining beautiful facades with facades from the same collection, but simpler, you can achieve the optimal value of the entire headset.

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Simplify planning

Single-row kitchen – the most budget version of the kitchen, even in comparison with the corner kitchen , not to mention the more complex designs.

Choose swing doors

They are much cheaper than horizontal facades.

Remove the top cabinets

And replace them with open shelves. In addition, it is a very fashionable trend of 2018 .

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Divide the number of facades

In some modules, one door is enough instead of two.

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Minimize the number of boxes

The less of them – the cheaper the headsets.

Improvise with modules width

The cost of a kitchen set directly depends on the number of its modules. The same space of 120 cm can be filled with four modules of 30 cm each, three modules of 40 cm each, or two modules of 60 cm each.

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Limit your standard height

Do you really need lockers to the ceiling, or you can limit yourself to a standard height of 60 cm – decide for yourself. The second are cheaper.

Avoid challenging corner modules.

Although the large pentagonal corner cabinets look beautiful, they take up a lot of space and cost several times more expensive than standard combined modules.

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No radial ends!

Only 45 degree bevelled.

Choose standard sizes

For the adjustment of modules to your size, manufacturers often charge a premium of 10-15%.

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Simplify facades

Smooth facades are cheaper than their decorated counterparts.

Save wisely

It is better to overpay for the facades of MDF, than to change the facades of laminated chipboard every year.

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Look for budget analogs

Modern technologies allow replacing expensive materials (natural wood, natural stone) with more budgetary counterparts without affecting the appearance of the kitchen unit.

Combine fixing accessories

On the doors that you plan to use often, put quality fittings. On the modules that you will rarely open and close, you can put a more budget option.

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Save on the front fittings

You can always find interesting solutions in the category of economy class.

Choose a worktop thickness of 26 mm

This is the minimum allowable thickness for the chipboard worktop.

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Buy equipment separately from the headset

Built-in appliances “turnkey” will cost you a total of 40% more than the one that is sold in online stores.

Do you need a hood?

If you do not cook so often, then you can save a lot on its installation.

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Avoid narrow appliances

Since it is more expensive than household appliances of standard sizes.

Build a kitchen suite by yourself

But only if you are 150% confident in your abilities! Very often, furniture manufacturers disclaim warranty obligations if buyers refuse assembly services.

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