5 kitchen trends: what does the year 2019 cook?


Everything in the world is cyclical and especially in the world of interior design.

In 2019, the kitchen design will not surprise us with the invention of the bicycle or the discovery of America, but it will delight us with trends that have been loved and known for a long time.

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Deep blue

Designers have long concluded that blue is the new black. It is deep, beautiful, stylish, rich and amazingly combined with other colors .

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Dark headset

Coming to snow-white kitchens, coming kitchen sets of practical dark colors, the grace and aristocracy of which are designed to emphasize contrasting marble countertops.

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Glitter brass

Not only and not so much in the details characteristic, for example, for the Provence style, but as a full-fledged material for the manufacture of kitchen facades, household appliances and an apron over the work surface.

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Moroccan flavor

The tile in the kitchen is practical and functional. Ethno-tile in the spirit of Marrakesh – trendy, stylish, fashionable and spectacular.

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Country style

Rustic unobtrusiveness and simplicity is back in fashion as a cozy alternative to urban bustle.

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