Behind them the future: the circular kitchens of Alfred Averbek

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Is it possible to place 12 kitchen cabinets in just two square meters?

No – you will answer.

Yes – Alfred Averbek will tell you and he will be right!

Do you know why?

Because it was he who developed the unique circular design of the kitchen , which provides all the standard elements of the kitchen equipment, but it is located outside the box.

The thing is that Averbek’s circular kitchen is a closed container-capsule with a rotating mechanism that allows you to rotate all its contents by 360⁰.

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No more rules of the working triangle ! All actions in the kitchen can be performed standing in one place!

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Here there is everything and even a lot of what there is not enough space in the design of the kitchen of 6 square meters . m in standard Khrushchev: stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, sink, induction panel with two burners, a cutting surface, a refrigerator and a storage system for dishes.

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If necessary, the circular module can be supplemented with two cabinet cases.

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Even the most procrastinating housewives will appreciate the circular kitchen; with the help of exterior metal mesh facades, the capsule and all its contents (together with the mess created during the cooking process) can be easily hidden from prying eyes.

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Kitchen Averbek currently sold in several shades and have different versions.

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Of the drawbacks of circular kitchens, there is only one so far: their cost starts at $ 6,500 and in some variants of configuration reaches $ 15,000.

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