Corner kitchens (150 photos)

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What style is suitable for a corner kitchen?

Classic style

Classic style corner kitchen set can only be made of wood! Ideally – natural, in extreme cases – from high-quality MDF.

Light woods are characteristic of the so-called “American classics”:

  • milk oak
  • maple vancouver
  • ash
  • Birch tree
  • bright wenge

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If you prefer the traditional classic style, stop the choice on the corner kitchen set of such tree species:

  • yew
  • cedar
  • juniper
  • plum
  • cypress
  • the Red tree

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The worktop in a classic corner kitchen should be made of stone or wood. The use of facades with glass inserts or panels is allowed. Fittings must be restrained, discreet, and most importantly – durable.

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Modern style

Modern style is focused on comfort and ease of use , and not on shocking and uncomfortable details.

Tired of a tree? Use glass, metal, plastic or enamelled facades.

Have a boring “shovel” brown gamut of shades?

Choose a set of bright colors: yellow, orange, red, green, burgundy, or a combination of your favorite colors.

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Provence – the most romantic style of interior design.

Light, as if faded, pastel set, scuffs, graceful curls, decorative slats and glass inserts are the distinctive features of the corner kitchen in the Provencal style. Some facades can be replaced with curtains.

Forged furniture “antique” will be the highlight of the corner set in the kitchen in the Provencal style . Allowed inserts-medallions with floral motifs.

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Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is distinguished by its brevity, practicality and cheerfulness.

Furniture in the Scandinavian style is simple, roomy, bright and always warm (both in color and in texture).

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Loft style often becomes a salvation where all other styles are powerless.

After all, all unsightly niches, pipes and ledges automatically become decorative elements of the interior.

It will look appropriate to open shelves of beams, furniture discreet colors and metal facades. Household appliances can not hide or hide.

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Corner set for a minimalist kitchen should be built and monolithic, and ideally be perceived as part of the wall.

  • From the usual household appliances refuse.
  • Replace the traditional stove with an induction hob.
  • Instead of a traditional hood, install an embedded model.
  • Hide the fridge behind the front of the headset.
  • For small appliances, use a floor cabinet with lifting doors.

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In minimalism, outdoor fittings are almost never used.


The ideal solution for an economy class kitchen: there are no clear canons in the eclectic style, therefore it is permissible to mix any interior elements.

Light, dark, multi-colored, with glossy facades or with matte – any corner kitchen set would be appropriate! If you wish, you can even assemble your kitchen from several different headsets.

Mix the details gradually – this will help you to stop in time and avoid fussiness.

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Photo of the corner kitchen: projects from 5 to 30 sq. M

Small-sized (up to 6 sq. M)

  1. Try to choose a set of sleek shapes to stumble across sharp corners as little as possible.
  2. To ensure that there is enough space for all kitchen utensils, use the highest line up to the ceiling as high as possible.
  3. A beveled corner in a small corner kitchen is comfortable, but not practical. So it should be done only if there is a cutting surface in the corner.
  4. Refrigerator can be taken out into the hallway.
  5. Instead of swinging doors, use facades with vertical lifts.
  6. If you replace the usual dining table with a sill-bar counter, 1.5 square meters of space will appear in your kitchen.

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7 square meters

For the kitchen of 7 sq. M, choose a corner set in the style of Provence or an American classic!

The light furniture of cold shades inherent in them will look favorably on such an area.

From modern styles fit high-tech or modern.

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8 square meters

In the kitchen of 8 sq.m. It is important that the headset and table do not interfere with each other.

The best use of space is the installation of a headset near two deaf (that is, without openings) walls. If this is not possible, select the sections of the walls with the greatest distance from the corner to the opening. In some cases it makes sense to move the entrance to the premises or re-equip the communication.

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9 sq.m

Nine square meters is enough to equip not only the kitchen with a refrigerator, but also install washing machines and dishwashers in it. They can be hidden behind the furniture fronts (in minimalism, high-tech, classic, modern styles) or vice versa, to focus attention on themselves (loft, eclectic, Provence, country).

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10 sq.m.

In the kitchen of 10 square meters you can afford experiments with colors and textures.

The corner of the tabletop can be mowed, as it will affect the convenience of moving around the kitchen very little. But the countertop itself will be more convenient to use, especially if it is in the corner you place the corner sink for washing dishes.

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Do not forget to use the space above the refrigerator: it is just enough for the location of the microwave or shelf.

12 square meters m

Kitchen 12 sq. M for Khrushchev – a real palace!

Here you can give free rein to your imagination: use floor cabinets and cupboards (regular or corner), do not limit yourself to the choice of colors and textures of the facades. On a large area, bright and even dark colors look more profitable. The same is true of gloss.

The situation is somewhat different if 12 squares is a combined kitchen-living room. You will probably have to zone the space into the kitchen and living area, so it is better to think in advance what area you will take under the kitchen itself. You can choose the largest kitchen set that fits, but will you end up with a large kitchen with a sofa instead of a living room?

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Large (15 or more square meters)

Such kitchens are found in a private house. As a rule, they combine working and dining areas. The ideal solution for such a kitchen would be an individual project, made to order.

Judge for yourself: in the post-Soviet space, large and spacious kitchens are nonsense, so mass producers are simply not focused on them.

And still the individual design allows to take into account all-all-all your whims and wishes. Even if they are extravagant and unexpected.

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What color to choose for the corner kitchen?


One of the most popular colors for the corner kitchen is white. He is loved for being universal, visually expands the space and looks expensive and elegant.

With the exception of loft and eco styles, which are more typical of a dark palette of natural shades, the white corner kitchen will fit into any interior design.

The most common solutions are still white headsets in the styles of Provence, American classics, minimalism.

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The beige color is as popular as white. But he has several significant advantages:

  1. Beige is a neutral natural shade inherent in many tree species. It is often used where white is irrelevant.
  2. Beige is not easily soiled, so you will need less time and effort to clean.
  3. The shades of beige are much larger than the shades of white, and their combinations among themselves are many times more interesting.

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The black

Black is the color of strong, self-confident and independent individuals.

Corner set of natural ebony will look stylish, expensive and elegant.

Corner set of black with glossy facades – boldly and indecently chic.

But there is one thing.

Not every room is worth using.

In addition, the black color is very beautiful, it is also very heavy. Both psychologically and visually.

Therefore, in small kitchens, use a black corner set very carefully.

Best of all, if you combine it with light walls, an apron and a table top.

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Pulse red is the same story as black.

The smaller your kitchen, the more diluted it should be.

You can dilute in different ways.

You can make a neutral background, use facades with glass inserts, make a bright tandem apron-tabletop, and you can choose less concentrated and saturated colors.

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Blue color, along with white and lavender, is the basis of the provenance style. Therefore, a lot of blue headsets are made exactly in it.

But not a proven blue kitchen furniture: it is the color of calm, lightness, peace, harmony.

Blue corner kitchen is suitable for placing any area.

But with what to be careful in choosing it, it’s with the light.

If in your kitchen there is not enough natural lighting, it is better to refuse a blue headset.

The thing is that this color itself is cool enough and can “cool” the space even more.

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Cheerful, warm and dynamic color.

The ideal solution for the kitchen from the north-east side of the house.


Because it is in such kitchens that there is little sunshine and I want to warm it somehow.

And the yellow furniture will be your personal grade sun.

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No wonder green color is the color of life. It has a beneficial effect on our psyche and is the most pleasant color for our eyes.

From a stylistic point of view, it is universal: a rich palette of green shades allows it to “fit” in any style.

Choose for the traditional styles of calm dark or pastel shades of green, and for modern – bright and rich.

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Orange is a cross between yellow and red.

Moderately cheerful, moderately impulsive.

Ideal for eclectic, fusion and high-tech styles. 
It goes well with white, black, light green, gray.

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Gray is the new black.

Its versatility of colors inspires many famous interior designers from around the world!

In addition, neutral in itself, it is completely differently perceived on different textures.

Matte enamel, glossy glass or metallic luster of steel in the same shade of gray will look completely different.

But what we tell you, take a look at the photo and see for yourself.

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Corner module: who will stand in the corner?

The most optimal arrangement of work areas in the kitchen is considered to be in this order:

  1. Storage
  2. Cutting surface
  3. Sink for washing
  4. Cooktop

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Well, if your corner kitchen allows you to arrange them that way. But this is not always the case.

Therefore, when creating a project for a corner kitchen, the most important thing is to determine the “filling” of the corner, and based on this, form the rest of the headset.

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Work surface (table top)

The easiest option is to leave the tabletop free.

If the corner of the kitchen is beveled, it can be used as a cutting surface.

To stand next to such a kitchen table, choose an angular module of the lower line on the legs or with a base recessed deep into it. This is necessary in order to have where to put the legs.

If the angle is normal (straight), it can be used to install small household appliances or decorative items.

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Corner sink for washing dishes

The shape of the corner sink for washing dishes depends on the shape and size of the countertop.

It is very important between the table top and the wall to make a well-sealed baseboard with a leveling – then all the splashed water will flow back into the sink.

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Cooktop and corner hood

Cooktops are quite large, so in a small kitchen it’s impractical to place them in a corner. And not every kitchen will be able to install a hood in the corner without a loss in efficiency.

The third important point is communication. Re-equipment of gas stoves is carried out and coordinated with the relevant authorities.

If you are not morally ready for this, choose electric models of stoves.

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Corner refrigerator

This option is suitable for medium and large rooms.

The best look refrigerators, which are hidden behind the facades of the kitchen.

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Corner buffet

Cabinet cases, corner floor cupboards or corner cupboards are the most “capacious” solution for corner kitchen units. It allows you to maximize the angle of the kitchen.

  1. In the usual corner case with shelves, you can store bulk products, dishes, spices. With a special rotating insert instead of shelves, it will be even more convenient!
  2. Part of the open shelves of the pantry can be converted into household appliances – oven, microwave, coffee machine.
  3. Floor corner cabinet can consist of two or three sections and be a full mini-pantry.

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And another corner cabinet allows you to save on the tabletop: instead of one big and one-piece you will need two regular ones and a smaller one.

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What to place in the bottom line of the corner kitchen?

The bottom line in the kitchen is a spacious cupboard for storing dishes and appliances, drawers for trifles and facades hiding built-in appliances.

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The rules for its configuration are universal:

  • moisture resistant coating
  • strong frame
  • easy cleaning

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In ready-made modular kitchens, the width of the lower modules varies from 20 to 75 cm. The narrower the sections, the tighter you will be able to fill the space from wall to wall with a suite.

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Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the angular module of the lower line.

It can be straight and sloping.

The bevelled module allows the use of an additional cut as a section.

In a module with a right angle, the design of facades is of importance.

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Facades of the angular module are:

  • Ordinary
  • Sq
  • Roll-out
  • Bent

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What to place in the top line of the corner kitchen?

Wall cabinets come with hinged doors and lifting facades. The second is more convenient to use, but the first is cheaper.

If the facades with glass inserts, visually they look easier.

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Table top and apron

The peculiarity of the choice of countertops and protective apron for the corner kitchen set is that they must be with a minimum number of joints, but if there are any, follow their careful sealing.

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Bar counter

Bar counter optional, but effective element of the corner kitchen.

It can be built into the headset, and can act as a separate decorative and functional piece of furniture.

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Bonus! Life hacking on the arrangement of the corner kitchen economy class.

Expensive does not mean quality.

As well as vice versa.

Now we will tell you about how to save money and not burn out on the quality of the corner kitchen.


  1. In order for furniture made of economy class materials (MDF, LDSP) to serve you for a long time, pay attention to the joints: they must be carefully glued and sealed. This will protect the hull and the facades from water ingress and swelling.
  2. The most vulnerable spot in the headset is accessories, and the miser pays twice. Install high-quality accessories for those modules that you will use regularly and less expensive wherever you look only occasionally.
  3. Color matters. There are various classes of material colors, which can vary considerably in price (but not in quality!). And often managers forget about this “mention”. When ordering, clarify this point, you may find the color that suits you in a more budget category.
  4. Modules with hinged doors are cheaper than modules with drawers.
  5. The smaller the number of decorative elements (frames, vignettes, rails, glass inserts), the lower its total cost.
  6. The most expensive element of the corner kitchen is the corner module. The simpler its design, the cheaper it will cost you. But do not rush to choose! In this case, it is better to pay a little extra and live comfortably than to reproach yourself in an inconvenient kitchen for misery.
  7. The average cost of assembly is from 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of the order. Therefore, if you are able to cope with it yourself – save! An important caveat: some furniture manufacturers prescribe in contracts that in the case of self-assembly, the manufacturer completely disclaims responsibility for the life of the furniture and may not fulfill its warranty obligations. Be careful!

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