Design of the corner kitchen 2017: fresh innovations of the year

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No bad foods – there are bad cooks.

No awkward kitchens – there is a wrong layout.

You do not know how to fit all the necessary 6 sq.m. You doubt what to add to the interior of a spacious kitchen so that it does not look “naked”?

Especially for you we have selected the best tips and tricks of installing an angular kitchen in ANY area.

Kitchen by the rules and without: consider today or regret until the next repair?

Yes exactly. And no compromises.

What is a kitchen? Well-equipped working area in your apartment.

And in order for it to be functional, comfortable, SAFE, there are a number of rules that must be observed.

Work Triangle Rule

In the distant 40s, when the appliances were large, and the kitchens were small, interior design experts developed the working triangle rule for arranging the perfect kitchen.

What is its essence?

In any kitchen there are three work areas:

  1. food storage area (refrigerator, cabinets and cabinets)
  2. pre-treatment and food preparation area (sink and kitchen table)
  3. cooking zone (stove, oven)

According to the rule of the working triangle, functional areas in the kitchen should be located on its tops.

Roughly speaking, the working triangle is the trajectory along which you move in the kitchen in the process of cooking.

And in order to make it as convenient as possible to do, the triangle must be:

  • equilateral
  • with sides not less than 1.2 meters and not more than 2.6 meters.

Why exactly these numbers? It’s simple: if it’s less, you’ll be cramped and uncomfortable, if it’s more, you’ll have to move more than you don’t need, and you’ll rather get tired.

Despite the fact that the rule of the working triangle is almost 80 years old, it is still relevant today.

In each kitchen plan, he looks his own way.


Rules for placing furniture and household appliances in the kitchen

  1. The distance between the stove and the sink should be at least 40 cm, and ideally from 60 to 90 cm. If this is not done, splashes during washing up may accidentally extinguish the gas burner or get onto the electric cooker control panel. Ideally, between the sink and stove should be located area for cutting products, but it can not be small.
  2. There must be at least 15 cm from the slab to the walls, otherwise they will be covered with droplets of fat all the time.
  3. A refrigerator should not be placed close to the stove. Due to constant overheating, he will have to work at full capacity and will soon become unusable. The distance between the refrigerator and the stove should be at least 15-20 cm.
  4. To extract the exhaust effectively pollution, evaporation and odors, place it at a height of 70-75 cm above the electric range and 75-80 cm above the gas.
  5. Everything connected with water (sink, dishwasher or washing machine) must be in one place. And you will save on adapters during installation, and it will be easier to localize water in case of any force majeure situations.
  6. The oven near the corner cabinet will be inconvenient to open, so it is better not to install them nearby.

In any case, when creating a kitchen project, the “initial data” play a huge role, namely the location of the stove, gas boiler (if there is one) and the sink, because in the realities of apartments in the post-Soviet space they are usually very difficult to transfer.

What everyone should know about the corner kitchen

A corner kitchen is a kitchen layout in which all the working areas are located near two adjacent walls and form an angle.

Advantages of the corner kitchen

  1. Angular placement of furniture and household appliances in the kitchen is ideal for placing a “working triangle”, because all the functional areas are located as compact as possible to each other.
  2. When corner planning one of the corners of the kitchen is fully involved, which is very important in the design of a miniature kitchen.
  3. The popularity of this type of kitchen led to the development of a huge variety of devices and accessories for it.
  4. Corner kitchens look beautiful and interesting.
  5. Modular corner kitchen units are very roomy.
  6. Due to the angular layout of the kitchen, its zoning is greatly simplified. Enough in one corner to place a cooking zone, and in the other – use (in other words, a dining table and chairs to it).

Disadvantages of a corner kitchen

  1. The corner kitchen layout is not suitable for elongated narrow spaces (it’s better to use a straight or parallel layout).
  2. The ideal corner kitchen requires an individual approach to the design, especially if it has any irregularities, projections or niches.
  3. The difficulty in arranging a convenient angular module.

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2. To simplify access to the contents of the corner cabinet, you can use folding doors, internal carousel supports or retractable drawers with L-shaped facades.

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3. Along the edges of the corner kitchen, it is best to place the sloping open shelves to make the kitchen more streamlined.

4. If a sink or stove is located in the corner of your kitchen – it is better to make a beveled corner so that it is conveniently located near it.

5. Countertop corner kitchen should be solid or with well-sealed joints.

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4 different sized kitchens with corner layout

Small corner kitchen (up to 6 sq. M)

To the corner kitchen looked organically on an area of ​​up to 6 square meters. m make it:

  • light
  • streamlined rounded shape
  • with additional lighting above the working area
  • with wall cupboards up to the ceiling and door opening upwards
  • with drawers in the lower thumbs
  • with window sill as an additional countertop

In no case do not reduce the working area of ​​a compact kitchen at the expense of the sink! Dirty dishes will not fit in a small sink, so it will have to be put on the table or pedestals. Because of this, there will be a feeling of heavy clutter.

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Corner kitchen 6 square. m – 7 sq.m

If in kitchens up to six square meters it is not often possible to see a refrigerator (it simply does not fit there and it is carried out into the corridor), then it can be placed on an area of ​​6-7 square meters.

Best of all in the interior of this kitchen will look built-in refrigerators.

Remember! A kitchen that is made to order according to your individual standards, although it will cost a little more than standard modules from the store, but it will fully meet your needs and will save a lot of your nerves in the future.

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Corner kitchen of 8 sq.m. – 9 sq.m

The corner kitchen for a room of 8-9 sq. M can be diversified with pleasant “bonuses” in the form of additional cabinets and drawers. Of course, there is no urgent need for them, but if there is an opportunity to make your life more convenient, then why not?

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Here is a great example of such an interior: on either side of the oven are two sliding cargo baskets (bottle-holders). Very handy thing while cooking meat dishes with wine or sauces!

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Corner kitchen of 10 sq.m. – 12 square meters. m

Are you lucky and your kitchen is spacious enough? Add to the interior of the bar counter!

It can be used as a dining table, and as an additional work surface.

Good fit into the kitchen design 10-12 sq.m small sofa.

Another interesting option that is suitable for a large kitchen is to place one of the parts of the L-shaped headset not along the wall, but parallel to it. In the resulting niche, you can place any mobile element, such as a table on wheels from IKEA.

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You can also place in the opposite corner a small dinner table where the whole family can gather in the evening. See how cozy this interior looks!

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Kitchen Design 2017: the best interior novelties

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Do you want your kitchen to be not only comfortable, but also stylish?

Did cooking turn from routine into real magic?

Then learn about all the subtleties and secrets of creating a wonderful kitchen design with us!

How to beat your favorite color in the interior and choose the coolest finish for the walls. How to zone kitchen space. Here you will find everything that helps to create a kitchen design: photo 2017, modern ideas, real projects and much more …

Color solutions for delicious cuisine: 2017 trends

The first step that you need to perform before starting to repair the kitchen, decide on the color scheme.

After all, even the most fashionable interior and the most cutting-edge appliances will annoy you if the kitchen is made in the wrong color.

Designers offer thousands of color solutions for kitchen design every year. But each of us has our favorite colors and shades, right?

Let’s see how they are beaten by the designers in the interior of the kitchen, and what new trends should be borrowed.

You don’t argue about styles: which one to choose for kitchen design in 2017?

Style is a mood.

What mood would you like to make breakfast for the whole family or a romantic dinner for your soulmate?

Square is nothing, planning is everything! How does the kitchen area affect its arrangement?

On how well you plan the placement of all elements of your kitchen depends on its functionality and usability.

And here, well, can not do without the roulette!

  • First, you will need to measure the length and height of the walls, window and door openings.
  • Secondly, large-sized household appliances, which are already available or you are planning to buy (especially important for a kitchen with a gas boiler – the interior will line up depending on its location).

The kitchen planning project is created on the basis of these measurements.

Regardless of the size of the area, there are five basic types of kitchen layout:

  • corner kitchens
  • straight kitchens
  • U-shaped kitchens
  • island kitchens
  • kitchens with a parallel layout

Angular and direct layout is more often used in small kitchens, and U-shaped – and island – in large ones.

Why do I need an apron in the kitchen?

Of course, we are not talking about those aprons that each girl sewed in the classroom lessons at school.

But some analogy can still be drawn.

Indeed, while the usual apron protects you from all sorts of pollution in the process of cooking, the kitchen apron protects the space above the kitchen work area from damage. Most often this is the section of the wall between the desk and wall cabinets.

Kitchen aprons are different:

  • tiled
  • glass
  • from wood
  • from stone
  • from PVC panels

The most fashionable kitchens are equipped with glass aprons with photo prints.

Such an apron will make original even a modest economy-class kitchen.

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An interesting idea: an apron over the working area can be illuminated – then it will be convenient for you to cook your favorite dishes at any time of the day. It doesn’t matter if the sun or the moon shines outside the window.

Similarly, the windows also need to be decorated! But how?

Stunning ideas for window decoration

Leave the windows bare? In no case!

Who knows how the preparation of a romantic dinner with your second half will end …

What to choose?

Kitchen + living room = interior to the envy of everyone

Kitchen studios have long been no news in interior design.

Someone unites the living room and kitchen in order to at least slightly expand the space, someone – to diversify the typical typical Soviet layouts.

Today in the design of the kitchen-studio fashionable trend is the zoning of space.

It can be done with the help of contrasting colors or decorative partitions.

If there is a door in the joint room, then the easiest way is to conditionally divide the zones along a line perpendicular to it. But not necessarily.

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The role of partitions in the kitchen-living room can perform a bar or shelving.

And which brand is considered the benchmark in the furniture industry? Of course IKEA!

What interesting things have they prepared for us this year?

IKEA Kitchens – the best ideas from the 2017 catalog

IKEA is a recognized global brand, the leading brand in creating coziness and comfort in your home.

In the IKEA catalog for the kitchen you can find absolutely everything!

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Santenica
  • Light fixtures
  • Dishes

What are the kitchen is now in vogue according to IKEA?

1. Comfortable. Everything should be comfortable! The kitchen is not a pretentious place, not a place for shooting glamorous clips and super-blockbusters, not glossy photos and not a museum of modern art. Kitchen in real apartments is simplicity and convenience, where favorite dishes are prepared daily and the whole family gathers.

2. Customized. Kitchens created specifically for you. After all, cooking is creativity. And he needs inspiration and attitude. And it is you who should feel free and easy in the kitchen, without looking at the audience, without adjusting to the generally accepted standards.

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3. Hospitable. The trend of recent years has become joint cooking with friends. The times when the mistress in the kitchen spends all day in the preparations for the arrival of guests, and then exhaustedly into communication falls down – sank into oblivion. Professionals from IKEA are sure: joint exercises bring together. And what could be more interesting than the joint absorption of food? Right! Her cooking.

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4. Mobile. Our life is a constant movement and a change of scenery. Rearranging furniture or moving to a new apartment – your kitchen should be ready for anything. Especially for this, IKEA has developed a whole line of mobile and compact kitchens.

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5. Detailed. After all, little things do not play a decisive role, they decide everything! Therefore, in the catalog IKEA 2017 you will find a huge variety of all sorts of usefulness – from glass containers to convenient organizers for desk drawers and wall accessories.

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  • mobile kitchen table on wheels
  • new generation superfunctional hobs
  • open racks for storage of ware and loose products
  • wall hooks and holders

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Life hacking and kitchen wisdom

1. The height of the kitchen table must be selected depending on your height.

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2. Photowall-paper with landscapes or a view of city open spaces will visually expand space of your kitchen.

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3. To maximize the use of kitchen space – wall cabinets must be made up to the ceiling itself.

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4. Table tops of dark colors with small patterns (for example, made of stone) are much more practical than light and solid colors.

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5. To make your kitchen as ergonomic and functional as possible – place the drawers in the lower area and the cabinets with the doors going up in the upper area.

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6. A local lighting must be installed above the working area – it is more pleasant to work and the risk of injury during work with the knife is less.

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7. If there is not enough space in the kitchen – replace the usual table with a sliding tabletop.

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8. To less cling to the corners during cooking in a small corner kitchen – make them smoothed, streamlined.

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To avoid mistakes when arranging the kitchen, be sure to watch the following video (it discusses the basic rules for the placement of kitchen furniture):

Still want more photos, more real interiors, more interesting ideas applicable in our apartments?

Then read about the updates and features of the corner kitchen on the next page .

(There you will find very, very, ooooochen many photos of real apartments!)

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