Ikea Furniture

Furniture Ikea in the interior design of different rooms. Photos of new products from the catalog of 2017.

Proven over the years, Ikea furniture is the benchmark of modern furniture industry. It is on this Dutch brand that both domestic and foreign manufacturers are equal. What is the secret of their success? Let’s see.

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Advantages and disadvantages of furniture from Ikea

The main advantages of furniture from Ikea are as follows:

1. A wide range of furniture for all (literally ALL) possible rooms:

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Offices
  • Cottages, etc.

Due to this, undertaking a major overhaul or renovating the interior of just one room, you do not need to rush around the city in search of everything you need: everything is already in the Ikea store.

If there is no Ikea specialized shop in your city, you can order Dutch furniture from the catalog on the official website.

2. Reference quality. Ikea brand products are distinguished by the highest quality due to the fact that at every stage the production is brought to perfection, therefore you will not find even a tiny flaw in every piece of every line, whether it’s children’s furniture or kitchen furniture. In Ikeev furniture there will be no distortions, poor-quality fittings or crevices due to improper cutting of parts – all this is carefully monitored by a special department for monitoring production quality.

3. Furniture from Ikea different functionality. Reasonableness of each element in the interior (which is especially important for the kitchen) makes the process of its operation incredibly easy, easy, convenient.

4. The highest comfort of upholstered furniture from Ikea. The sofas and chairs of the Dutch furniture have a specific orthopedic construction, due to which it is not just a stylish piece of furniture (assembled), but also a comfortable sleeping place (in a disassembled form). Moreover, all the mechanisms of Ikeev furniture are of high quality and reliable, therefore, even if you buy upholstered furniture in the nursery or in the teenage room, be sure that it will last for a long time and will become a bulwark of security in the room of your child.

5. Very easy assembly of Ikeev furniture makes it popular among buyers who are used to doing everything on their own. And although Ikea provides services for the assembly and installation of furniture of its own production, in principle, even an unintelligent person can cope with this task. Moreover, the detailed visual instructions are attached.

6. A rich assortment of accessories and furniture accessories from Ikea allow her to “tailor” to your needs and desires.

Among the shortcomings of furniture from Ikea, buyers note the following:

  1. The mass production of furniture in huge quantities deprives the interior with the use of furniture from Ikea originality, features, individuality. Therefore, it is very likely that your friends (and perhaps not even alone) will look like your interior.
  2. The versatility of the Ikea modular furniture and the standard step size of the modules limit the ability to install furniture in different sized rooms.

Kitchens from Ikea

Kitchen layouts

Kitchen furniture from Ikea is so versatile that it fits well into any type of layout. Today there are such types of kitchen planning:

  • Corner. If you have a miniature kitchen, then this option is for you! Corner kitchen will allow you to organize an effective cooking process with minimal spatial loss. And the angular hemispherical open shelves from Ikea will make this layout more concise and convenient.
  • Linear. This type of layout involves the location of all functional areas in the kitchen in one row. The only thing that is required to create a stylish interior is that all kitchen modules and cabinets fit into the size of the kitchen. Whether this will work out – check with the Ikea Do It Yourself application.
  • U-shaped. This option is perfect for wide and spacious kitchens, as well as for kitchens in which there is a need to work simultaneously for several people (for example, kitchens that are now fashionable anti-cafes). A wide range of Ikea kitchen furniture will help you find the perfect combination of items to suit your preferences.
  • Island An alternative to the U-shaped layout for spacious kitchens can be an island, i.e. layout, in which the functional areas are separated from each other. The beauty and convenience of using Ikeev furniture for this purpose is that it is beautiful on all sides, i.e. there are no ugly “backs” of low-grade materials.

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Color solutions for the kitchen

Despite the wide range of Ikea kitchen furniture, it can be divided into four color types, depending on which colors prevail. Namely:

  • White kitchen. Are the trend of recent years. They look very stylish and fabulous in small kitchens. The practicality and quality of the materials from which the Ikea kitchens are made, make care of them very easy and unconstrained.
  • Bright cuisine. Thanks to bright accents and rich colors, this furniture makes your kitchen unusual, dynamic, juicy. And so that the riot of colors does not hurt the eyes, the base bright color is combined with more neutral and moderate ones.
  • Metal kitchen. The embodiment of modernity and style are presented in furniture models with chrome surfaces. Despite the lack of saturated colors and a very moderate palette, thanks to the light highlights that spill over the surface of such furniture, the metal kitchen does not seem boring and uninteresting.
  • Kitchen wood shades. To balance and harmony with nature? Then models using natural motifs are exactly what you need. Naturalness, naturalness, naturalness will literally flood your kitchen thanks to the models of kitchen furniture in natural wood shades.

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Kitchen fronts and cabinets

  1. Swing doors are convenient to use in spacious kitchens, for small ones it makes sense to choose furniture with horizontal doors that open according to the principle of an accordion.
  2. Doors using glass make the kitchen visually weightless, but require maintaining constant order in the cabinets.
  3. The frilly and intricate front panels of kitchen cabinets significantly make the kitchen interior heavier. In addition, they will require more effort during cleaning, as they will become accumulators of soot, grease, dust.
  4. Closed wall cabinets are conveniently used for storing utensils and kitchen utensils, which you do not need to get often. For the same items that are constantly required, it is better to use open hinged shelves. Both are conveniently located at eye level.
  5. Cabinets for built-in appliances should be selected for existing appliances, and not vice versa.
  6. In the kitchen, it is desirable to have at least one floor cabinet in which you can store both dry food (pasta, cereals) and small household appliances.

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Internal filling

As a rule, kitchen furniture from Ikea has no special filling for drawers and shelves. However, all this can be purchased separately. The beauty is that you are not tied in your choice to the standard imposed set, but you can completely form the complete set of the “insides” of the kitchen set at your discretion. It can be:

  • Coasters
  • Delimiters
  • Liners

Pay special attention to branded accessories and kitchenware from Ikea, which will turn cooking into magic!

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Living rooms from Ikea

The living room is the heart of your home, as this is where the most important events in your life take place: friends gather here, you meet relatives here, evenings are held here in a narrow family circle. And this is what inspires Ikea designers to create charming and practical, fashionable and beautiful living room furniture.

Sofas and armchairs

Upholstered furniture for the living room from Ikea is represented by a wide range of models in different styles. Here you will find classic sofas, and corner, and furniture with legs, and models on the base, which fits tightly to the floor. The palette of upholstery fabrics in which all actual colors are presented is no less broad:

  • Shades of white
  • Neutral beige tones
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Deep dark shades

Upholstered furniture with legs looks lighter, as if floating above the floor, in comparison with the same structures on the base.

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Coffee tables

If you are not a supporter of placing a large dining table in the living room or simply have no place to put it, then the ideal solution would be to place a small coffee table in the living room .

Ikea to create coffee tables uses mainly glass and wood, a little less – metal. Most models are equipped with convenient shelf for storing various trifles. If the table needs to be moved frequently from place to place – give preference to models on wheels.

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