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The choice of interior doors is not as easy as it may seem. What material and what type of design to choose, and how to correctly enter the door to the design of the room – read our detailed article. A selection of the best photos attached.

Interior doors, of course, are an extremely important element of the design of any room and apartment as a whole. After all, the doors connecting the two spaces should be in harmony with both rooms, regardless of whether they are made in the same general style or are inspired by completely different ideas.

So, when in the process of repair you face the question of choosing interior doors, you should pay attention to a few basic rules.

  1. Naturally, the ideal option would be doors made from natural materials. We will not tire of repeating that good material is not only an aesthetic choice, but also the basis for the longevity of a given design element, and this figure can more than pay back the costs. In a question of the choice of interroom doors the best choice – doors from the massif of a tree or natural interline interval.
  2. High-quality coverage is another point that you should pay close attention to. It is high-quality coating that will help extend the service life of the door without losing their attractive appearance. In addition, high-quality varnish or laminate – it is also a matter of health!
  3. Pay attention to the fit of all elements of the door: there should not be any extra gaps in the joints of individual parts, such as grilles, frames, glass inserts or other materials.
  4. The right geometry is what matters! Only minor discrepancies of a few millimeters are permissible, otherwise you run the risk of further getting certain problems with installation and operation.
  5. Remember that the door box should be with a seal, and if glass is used in the finish, then it should be of sufficient quality to adequately carry out all the operational aspects!

Many modern styles, such as high-tech or minimalism, do not favor such natural materials as wood or artificial imitation of wood canvases. Futurism of such styles dictates the choice of completely different materials – metal, plastic, glass.

And if metal doors are not the best choice for dividing rooms, glass, on the contrary, do not look pretentious and somewhat simplify and facilitate the interior of the room . The frosted surface makes it easy to fit them into any room and use, including, as a door for the bathroom and toilet .

In addition, the possibilities of decorating glass paintings are multifaceted! The combination of frosted glass with ordinary, stained glass, sandblasted drawings – all this will help you choose a truly unique door for a unique interior!

The nuances of choice and design tricks

Uniform style or violence of variety?

When choosing interior doors to an apartment, we are faced not only with the choice of material and type of opening, but also with the choice of style, which, as often happens, should “combine the incompatible”. What are we talking about? Tell you more.

If you make repairs in a separate room and together with the interior design you want to change the door, you face the problem: how to choose a door that would simultaneously fit the new interior of a bedroom or living room and fit into the corridor? However, this question also haunts those who create the design project of the future apartment.

After all, it often happens that in one living space in different rooms completely different styles get along! A bedroom in the style of gentle Provence, a living room in Art Nouveau style with its natural motifs, a laconic kitchen in the style of mimalism and a retro entrance hall – and each room places its own demands not only on furniture and interior design, but also on the door!

Of course, if you plan to choose a certain uniform style for the decoration of an apartment, then you will not have to puzzle over how to fit the door into two interiors at the same time. If you decide not to go the easy way, then we can advise you to make interior doors to order – so you can arrange them on the one hand to match the design of the hallway, and on the inside – choose the finish option, more suitable for the chosen style room.

You can also choose the doors of neutral tones and neutral design, which will allow you to fit them into any interior you choose without any extra questions!

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High interior doors

We are accustomed to standard doorways, on average, not reaching a ceiling of 30-50 cm (depending on the height of your ceilings). However, designers are increasingly offering us interesting concepts with the use of high doors in the interior – literally from the floor to the ceiling! What are the advantages of such structures, in addition to the unusual design solutions?

  • High doors can visually enlarge the space of a small room and “lift” the ceilings.
  • The richness of choice of style decisions and shades can easily emphasize the individuality of your design.
  • The originality of the appearance does not even need comments. Such doors are unusual and to the point.

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Independent installation of interior doors

Do-it-yourself installation of interior doors is not the easiest process, which, however, allows for considerable savings in the repair process.

Of course, the nuances of assembly and installation are directly dependent on the type of construction you have chosen and the universal algorithm that is suitable for any occasion cannot be identified.

We have tried to collect for you video tutorials on installing interior doors of various types, so that this process will bring you as little trouble as possible! So, we offer to watch the video:

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