Kitchen Apron

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The kitchen is the most polluted room in the apartment.

Here we cut, cook, wash, clean, beat, passive … And of course this is accompanied by splashes of grease, soot and dirt.

You can not avoid this!

Do you want  to keep the kitchen clean and make cleaning as easy as possible?

Today you will learn how to do it!

Apron for the kitchen – what is it? What material is better to make it: all about the advantages and disadvantages of tile, glass, plastic and other materials. What are the ideal sizes for an apron? What does it need to combine? All this we will tell you in our article.

What is a kitchen apron?

An apron is the space that is above the kitchen work surface.

This includes:

  • Cutting table
  • Cooktop
  • Dishwashing Sink

It is here that the walls get dirty with incredible ease and frequency!

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Yes, you yourself know it very well.

All these splashes, flying in different directions while cutting meat and vegetables, grease and soot from the frying pan during frying, water on the wall (it is worth only a single spoon fail to fall under the stream!).

And if you do not take care of the kitchen walls in advance, repairs will have to be done much earlier than you planned!

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About what materials are best suited for wall decoration in the kitchen can be found  here.

But not always practicality matches our tastes and … budget.

The kitchen apron is designed to protect the vulnerable areas of the kitchen wall as much as possible with minimal costs.

And as our experience shows, it can be not only a functional element, but also sooo decorative!

What is better to make an apron for the kitchen?

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For an apron to be a truly functional addition to your kitchen, it must:

  • Easy to wash
  • To be resistant to moisture
  • Be resistant to temperature extremes
  • To be resistant to household chemicals
  • Have as few joints and pores as possible.

Surprised by the last item?

In pores, joints, grooves, etc. material dirt accumulates easily, and washed away difficult.

There are 8 popular materials for making an apron for the kitchen

This is the height, this is the width: we determine the ideal size

What size should be the best apron, you ask?

The answer is simple!

The apron should go a little bit beyond the table, stove and pedestals for washing.

The more complex the layout of your kitchen, the larger the apron should be: for a simple single row it is enough to protect only one wall, but for the corner kitchen you will have to close both adjacent walls.

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If there is nothing above the working area, then the height of the apron must be determined independently. It can be up to the ceiling, like here:

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But not less than 60 cm, as here:

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And what’s more  important !

Experts recommend that the joint between the wall, the working table and the sink be sealed with a sloping baseboard, and the joints should also be treated with a sealant (ideally, silicone). This will prevent pieces of food and (especially!) Water on the floor.

5 cool ideas for upgrading a kitchen apron

Do you want to bring the functionality of your kitchen to a new level?

Nothing is easier!

Thanks to these four cool ideas for an apron in the kitchen, cooking will be really more convenient!

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Niches have now reached the interior of the kitchen. Just one small hollow above the hob is enough to make your life much easier.

Do not believe?

Judge for yourself:

  1. In this niche, you can put everything that is required at hand during EVERY cooking – salt, vegetable oil, pepper, vinegar, etc. Now it really will be at a distance stretched hand.
  2. Rearranging these and other bottles in a niche, you free up space on the kitchen table. Thus, they will not only be in close accessibility, but will also stop you from interfering when they are not needed.
  3. Niche is a creative and stylish decoration for any kitchen. Like it or not, and in a beautiful setting, cooking is much more pleasant.

Well, it all looks like this:

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The times of the Soviet hooks for colander, scapula and corolla irretrievably sunk into oblivion. They were replaced by modern and ergonomic rails.

Railing is a storage system for the kitchen in the form of a pipe or crossbar, on which various kitchen utensils are placed.

Their undoubted plus is that what your railing will be hung with and how much you decide and only you.

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Another advantage is stylistic universality: the roof rails fit perfectly into most styles of interior design.

If the holes in the handles of kitchen utensils are smaller than the diameter of the hooks, use wire ties as eyelets.

And instead of rails, you can use a special magnetic tape for storing knives.

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There is no way to make a niche in the wall?

Make a shelf!

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The merits are the same, and the installation process is much simpler.

Yes, and you can dismantle it at any time, if you do not like it or get bored.

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Do you like a very bold decision?

Then replace the apron completely with a shelf!

For example, like this:

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The beauty that saves the world of your kitchen: how to make a kitchen apron to envy everyone?

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A kitchen apron can be a great background for emphasizing beauty and sophistication, wealth and style of other kitchen interior items (for example, a kitchen unit), and can become an independent central element of the room decor.

If the budget allocated for the repair of the kitchen is very limited, then it may make sense to purchase inexpensive kitchen furniture and wallpaper for the walls, but allocate a slightly larger amount for an apron. That he will become the main decoration of your kitchen and will be the main focus and decoration of your kitchen.


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No, this does not mean that a single tone is used to finish the whole kitchen.

The apron can be in harmony with the table top (as it often happens), with household appliances, with furniture, with the main wall decoration.

The main thing that the apron is a visual continuation of something in the interior.

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The easiest to use for these purposes are textiles. Choose a curtain, napkins or upholstery of a kitchen sofa in accordance with the apron.

Such an apron is unlikely to be a decoration, it will perform an exclusivelyprotective function. On the other hand, restraint is a sign of good taste and aristocracy.

Contrast apron can be an element of the kitchen, which favorably emphasizes the rest of the interior, and can become an independent decor, which focuses on all the attention.

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If your kitchen is bright and catchy , choose a kitchen apron of neutral shades. The most popular are white and all sorts of its shades (ayvor, butter, with a blue tint), as they are combined with almost all the shades of the palette. Beige and gray colors are also in demand.

Apron for white kitchen or kitchen restrained shades make juicy and rich.

It can be monophonic or with bright accents, inserts, patterns, borders and friezes (when it comes to tile).

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Due to the popularity of photo printing, for decorating the kitchen today you can find a million pictures on a variety of subjects.

But if the pictures in the catalog of images do not suit you, you can offer your own image (only it should be very good quality).

In addition to the apron, you can also order special decorative panels, worktop or doors, which will be its visual continuation.

Do you like non-standard solutions?

Even in the tiniest kitchenette, you can create beauty and comfort with a kitchen apron. If you decide to do it yourself, first decide on what materials your apron will be.

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The easiest way to install plastic panels or panels of laminated MDF / particleboard. But, as we have said, the life of such panels is not very long.

If you have already faced with the laying of tile and laid, for example, bathroom tiles, then experiment with this material.

For fans of vintage and the Soviet era, laying out a mosaic of tiles from that time can be an original and stylish solution. Just be sure to pick up high-quality water-repellent grout for joints!

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The most beautiful solution for a kitchen apron will, of course, be glass. But with this material you need to work extremely carefully: the slightest blow can turn into chips, scratches, or even a completely broken sheet.

Fasteners for installing glass must be of the highest quality.

To prevent the glass from further deterioration due to overloads, align the places for mounting the fixture using a water level.

You can not order a glass apron with photo printing?

There is an exit!

Place a beautiful image behind a transparent sheet of tempered glass – and voila!

It can be posters of favorite groups, photo wallpapers, collages from photos (only the wall needs to be pre-painted), and especially creative hostesses can embroider the panels.

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And what is the apron in your kitchen now? Would you like to change it, and if so, which one? What is the most important thing for you in a kitchen apron? Share with us in the comments!

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