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Comfort for the kitchen is also important as for the bedroom or living room. Especially if the kitchen also serves as a dining room or a place for evening gatherings. Create not only practical, but also a cozy kitchen design will help you kitchen corner. And how to do it better – look at the photo below.

General information about the corners for the kitchen

The kitchen corner is a cozy and compact sofa, which, as a rule, is located near the dining table (although it happens without it). The use of this type of furniture has a number of very significant advantages:

  • Ability to accommodate a significant number of guests in comparison with chairs and stools. With rare exceptions, when one of the guests is ready to sit on each other’s knees, kitchen chairs or stools suggest placing one person in one place. In the case of corners, everything is much simpler: as many guests can be placed on it as it actually fits throughout its length. In crowded but not mad.
  • The charming atmosphere of softness, warmth, comfort in the kitchen are created precisely because of the kitchen corner. Going into such a kitchen, it becomes immediately clear that this is not a working room for cooking, but also a place for friendly gatherings.
  • The kitchen corner, due to its convenience, can become an alternative leisure place for someone from family members. This is especially true for one-bedroom apartments, when sometimes you want to relax from each other or watch different programs on TV.
  • As a rule, kitchen sofas are equipped with an additional place to store dishes, kitchen utensils or products (cereals, pasta, sugar, nuts).
  • The richness of the colors of textile upholstery (especially from Ikea) allows you to create the perfect kitchen set for even the most demanding aesthetes.
  • The extra bed, which can be equipped with a kitchen sofa, will help you out during an unexpected invasion of friends or relatives.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember the disadvantages associated with the kitchenette.

  • Placing guests at the kitchen table on the couch significantly limits their freedom of movement – to get out of the table, you will have to disturb a number of people seated.
  • Kitchen corner sofa significantly complicates cleaning the kitchen, because to move it as easy as a stool (especially if the dishes are stored inside) you will not succeed.

For a small kitchen, a corner kitchen sofa is better not to use, since it will take a huge amount of space.

Minimum 100-110 cm
Standard 180-195 cm
Maximum 241-250 cm

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Furniture in the kitchen

The kitchen corner differs from the dining group in the presence of a sofa. As a rule, a kitchen corner is sold as a single set, but it also happens that all parts must be selected and combined independently. What are these details?


Kitchen sofas are significantly different from the sofas in the bedrooms. Like other furniture for the kitchen, the kitchen sofa should be functional. In addition, it is very important that it is easily cleaned from dirt.

Sofas can be on the legs, and can be equipped with bottom drawers with drawers for storing dishes and products.

Dimensions of sofas depend solely on your needs and the size of the kitchen.

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Chairs / Stools

Specialists categorically do not recommend confining themselves to a sofa for the kitchen as a seat.

  • First, during the meal, only that part of the dining table, next to which there is a sofa, will be used, which significantly limits its capacity.
  • Secondly, even if you have dinner together, it is sometimes more pleasant to sit opposite each other, which is almost impossible with a corner sofa.
  • Thirdly, chairs or stools will be useful in the household, for example, if you need something to put on them during conservation or to get something from the upper shelves of wall cabinets.

Chairs and stools, complete with a kitchen sofa, are combined with it according to:

  • The wood from which made
  • Appearance backrest
  • The appearance of the legs
  • Upholstery color (for chairs with a soft seat)

However, you can also independently combine items of kitchen furniture at your discretion.

For a small kitchen instead of chairs it is more convenient to use stools, since they can always be hidden under the table so that they do not interfere.

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Dinner table

When choosing a table for a kitchenette, it is worth focusing on how many people will regularly dine at it.

If large companies periodically visit you, it makes sense to purchase a folding dining table , which can grow in size two to three times.

It would be inconvenient to use a dining table with solid ends instead of legs together with a corner sofa – the person sitting next to them would have nowhere to put legs.

For small kitchens it is better to use tables of streamlined rounded shapes (for example, oval).

Read our material on how to choose a kitchen table .

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