Kitchen design 6 square. m

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Among other problems encountered in the process of organizing the space of such a kitchen are often found:

  • The presence of a gas column
  • Difficulties in drawing up the duct for exhaust

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But in each complexity there is always a new opportunity and we will now demonstrate to you how to make a candy out of the kitchen of 6 square meters.

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10 tricks of kitchen arrangement 6 sq. M

There are exactly 10 tricks with which you can not only visually, but also really expand your kitchen, if its area is only 6 square meters. We will tell you in detail about the merits of each of them, and also give an example of successful implementation.

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1. Redevelopment

The easiest way to increase the kitchen with a fridge in Khrushchev is to combine it with a room and / or a balcony (if there is one).

In the first case, you will receive a studio apartment with a kitchen-living room, and in the second case there is 2-3 square meters more space (which is also not bad).

You can combine the kitchen and the room in whole or in part, leaving the symbolic partitions.

But keep in mind! Without coordination with the relevant control authorities, you will not be able to sell your apartment or even re-register as an inheritance, so before deciding on such a step, consult with experts about the necessary documents and permits.

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The most common option to divide in the kitchen-living room recreation area from the kitchen area – to install a bar. It is often combined with a kitchen table so that the space can be used as efficiently as possible.

Important point! If you have a studio apartment and a living room, it also serves as a bedroom, then keep in mind that the smell of pies and other flavorful dishes will become your constant companions in the bed. After all, bed linen (along with towels) very strongly absorbs odors. The situation will save perhaps that very powerful hood over the stove.

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2. Lighting

In the Khrushchev often have very poor natural light, especially for lower floors with tall trees near the windows. Therefore, often small kitchens with a refrigerator in Khrushchev seem even smaller and more uncomfortable than they really are.

You can contact the utilities with the request to cut unwanted trees. But it is better to organize high-quality lighting in your kitchen with several light scenarios.

In addition to the main lighting (chandelier or ceiling lamp), use a local (wall sconces), functional (above the working area) and decorative (for example, in cabinets with glass facades).

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3. Visual effects

You can achieve a lot with the visual effects of space expansion. Photowall-paper or kitchen aprons with the image of prospects (landscapes, city landscapes) will visually make your kitchen more. A mirror will cope with this task perfectly; it can be placed above the dining table in the dining area. But the mirror glossy facades, on the contrary, will create an impression of cluttered space due to glare.

Visually raise the ceiling will help vertical stripes.

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4. Additional headset tiers

This trick solves the storage problem in a kitchen of 6 square meters. These are the 3rd and 4th tiers of the kitchen set above the top line. As a rule, they occupy the entire space up to the ceiling (which, as we remember, are not very high, so this does not greatly affect the final cost of the kitchen unit). Also do not forget about the basement tier of the lower line, which can be used as storage space.

Little trick! Since it’s not very convenient to get to the contents of these tiers, it’s best to store in them what you use the least.

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5. Small built-in appliances

Household appliances for the kitchen of 6 square meters is better to choose high, but narrow. This is especially true of refrigerators and washing machines.

If there is an opportunity to hide the equipment behind the fronts of the headset – in no case do not miss it! So the eye will have nothing to “catch on” and the kitchen will look neater.

But on the width of the stove or induction hob we do not recommend saving, especially if you are used to cooking for the whole family a week ahead in huge pans: they simply won’t fit on a small panel.

Be serious about the choice of the oven. First, do you need it at all? Secondly, do you need it in the form of a traditional stove with an oven or will you be satisfied with a separately-standing model? More often it is the latter that are smaller and more compact.

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6. Sill

If earlier on the window sills grown seedlings, today designers prefer to convert them into a full functional kitchen space. Today it is fashionable to replace a traditional window sill with a table top. It can be working, and can serve as something like a bar counter and a dinner table for two or three people in combination. By and large, the only difference is what requirements for the countertop material to apply. In the first case, it should be more durable (“working”), and in the second – beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

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7. Non-swinging doors

Here we want to talk with you about the facades, or rather about the mechanisms of their attachment.

Traditional swing doors are simple and often cheap, but impractical on many points:

  • They require more free space to open.
  • They often loosen and break.

Therefore, modern manufacturers of furniture for the kitchen offer a wide range of retractable, withdrawable and lifting mechanisms for the facades in the kitchen without compromising their appearance.

Here are some examples.

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8. Short curtains

The curtains in the kitchen of 6 square meters are good, and short curtains are even better!

  • They will not bother you
  • They will be less dirty
  • They will be easier to iron and hang (unless you have a Roman or roller blind).

And at the same time they will remain an important stylistic addition and just a beautiful touch in the interior of your kitchen!

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9. Elegant furniture

Thin, elegant, translucent furniture – must have for the dining area in the kitchen 6 sq.m.

The more inconspicuous your furniture, the more spacious and easier your kitchen will look.

Here you don’t even want to say anything extra, just take a look at these photos!

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10. Ideal emptiness

No kitchen will not look neat and well-groomed, if there is a mess in it.

Even a carelessly left cup can create a feeling of clutter, lack of cleanliness, confusion.

Here, even the question is not to the designers, but rather to psychologists and self-discipline.

And there are two tricks in this question:

  1. Eradicate the problem in the bud. A mountain of unwashed dishes begins with one left plate. Do not wait until one unfinished action turns into systematic laziness of catastrophic proportions.
  2. Store items and kitchen utensils wherever you find it convenient to put them back. If you really need something, you do not be lazy for this thing to go even to another room. But putting in place always seems like a waste of time. So organize the space so that all things fall into place by themselves, without effort and informed participation on your part. The simplest example is dish driers right near the sink.

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What color to choose for kitchen design 6 sq.m.?

10 tricks for the design of the kitchen in a standard Khrushchev are quite versatile and easily applicable in almost any apartment.

Now let’s talk about how to make your kitchen an individual, beautiful and beloved just for YOU.

Guess what we are about?

Of course, about the kitchen design color palette!


Versatile, many loved, but, alas, impractical color for the design of the kitchen!

It is popular for its ability to visually expand the space.

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A worthy alternative to white color. Made in beige color, the kitchen of 6 sq. M seems spacious, but it is also easy to clean.

Beige is used in both traditional and modern styles.

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Most often the brown kitchen is a kitchen from a natural tree. Rarely brown make modern facades of artificial materials.

The color is quite practical, non-marking, but because of its property it visually weights the space, does not enjoy popularity.

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Dynamic, strong and very passionate color!

The kitchen is 6 square meters. m is used in limited quantities, most often in combination with white and black colors to decorate the room in a modern style.

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Gentle, cool, harmonious shades of blue are most often used to design the kitchen in the Provencal style or high-tech style.

Go well with white, beige, lavender, yellow, gray.

They lose their charm in the lamps of the “warm” (yellow) glow.

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An interesting, soothing eco-tint.

Due to its unobtrusiveness and naturalness, it fits into almost any style of interior decoration.

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Universal, neutral and at the same time many-sided color. Every year it becomes more and more popular among modern interior designers. Beneficially emphasizes textured materials.

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The black

Rather courageous decision for registration of small kitchen in Khrushchev.

Looks good only in the presence of high-quality lighting.

Ideal with both matte and glossy facades.

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Sunny, bright and cheerful yellow color will refresh even the darkest kitchen of 6 sq.m.

It looks best in modern-style kitchens, but it can be interesting to fit into the kitchen in the style of country or Provence.

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The palette of orange shades to infinity is diverse and varies from delicate peach to rich carrot and juicy orange.

Perfect for interiors in northern latitudes, where there is little light and heat.

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The most fashionable color in 2018. It is erroneously considered that only lavender violet shades can be used in the kitchen (and only within the framework of Provencal style).

In fact, the violet range of colors fits perfectly into many popular styles of kitchen interior design in Khrushchev.

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6 popular styles for kitchen design 6 sq.m.

Styles interior design of the kitchen – a lot. The most popular and most functional of all 6.

We will tell you about them.


Timeless style, known for its elegance, restraint and aristocracy.

Beautiful and practical.

Traditionally, the classic interior is made in dark shades of natural wood, but in the kitchen of 6 square meters we recommend that you use the so-called “American classic” style, which, unlike the traditional one, is light and light.

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Fashion trend of recent years. Popular due to its simplicity. Often used in kitchen studios and kitchen living rooms.

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Bright and sentimental Provence style is often used in small kitchens because of its simplicity. Provencal style kitchen will be feminine and cozy.

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A style known for its practicality. A distinctive feature of the Scandinavian-style kitchen is a spacious storage system that allows you to place everything you need in a small space.

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For minimalism is characterized by the absence of unnecessary details. This allows you to visually make even the smallest space.

But there are some nuances – where everything is hidden, there is never anything at hand.

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Connoisseurs of exotic, creative and non-standard solutions choose this style. Many are appreciated for their dissimilarity and desire to make everything as individualistic as possible.

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Kitchen layout 6 sq.m

Your comfort depends directly on how successful your kitchen layout is in Khrushchev.

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Corner Kitchen

Corner kitchen set is considered the best option for small kitchens.

One of the corners of the kitchen is fully engaged, and the work triangle is reduced.

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Straight kitchen

It will suit you if you are going to equip a small dining area in your kitchen.

If there is not enough space for a refrigerator, take it to the corridor.

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Double row kitchen

Suitable for narrow kitchens and corridor-type kitchens.

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U-shaped kitchen

P-plan choose those who have a little standard corner kitchen.

U-shaped headset much larger than the corner. But it takes a lot more space, so the space in the dining area in the kitchen is 6 sq.m. may simply not be enough.

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An island in the kitchen of 6 square meters: for or against?

The island in the kitchen is convenient, but in Khrushchev conditions it is rarely realized because of the complexity of the re-equipment of communications. The only exception may be an island in the kitchen of 6 square meters. m in a private house. In ordinary apartments, experiments with the transfer of communications can end in tears.

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