Kitchen set for a small kitchen

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Small kitchen. Do you consider this your life sentence?

We hasten to reassure you: it is not so!

If you choose the right kitchen set for a small kitchen, plan the ergonomics of the space and bring the interior style to perfection – your kitchen will have no equal!

And we will teach you to do it all yourself right now.

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The choice of color is the most important issue in creating the interior of a small kitchen. After all, if Zhilstroy did not give you a sufficient amount of square meters of kitchen, the design enters the battle!

Expand the space in two ways: real and visual.

In the first case, you will need to demolish the walls, merge the rooms, coordinate these works with the control services and a lot of other troubles.

In the second, you just need to arm yourself with a jar of paint (obviously, the cost of this option is several times less).

After all, our brain is like Pushkin in love: “Ah, it’s not difficult to deceive me, I myself am happy to be deceived!” And this is really true!

Take a look at this picture: the light square seems to us more, although it is exactly the same as the dark one.

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Often, the chosen colors largely determine the style of the interior, because most of them have their own well-established palette of shades: white-lavender for Provencal style, white-beige for Scandinavian, brick-black for loft.

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But if a square meter of kitchen is small, it is important to take into account other features that are characteristic of each style.

Provencal cuisine can not be imagined without decorative curlicues and elegant accessories, which, with a small number of meters, will take extra centimeters of usable space. On the contrary, the Scandinavian economy-class style implies the availability of spacious storage systems, which is extremely important, if not only the kitchen is small, but also the apartment as a whole.

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Loft is more practical in terms of the design of the kitchen work area, but because of the rather dark color palette, you will have to use the minimum amount of furniture in the finished kitchen.

The modern style, minimalism or American classics considers a universal solution for a small ready-made kitchen. In the first two styles there is no strict binding to color (including when choosing a tabletop), so you can safely use any palette of shades, and the American classic interior is very light and at the same time discreet (unlike the same provenance) therefore fits perfectly even in the smallest number of meters.

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Features of furniture for small kitchens

The corner kitchen (and economy class as well) is considered an ideal solution for small spaces, because it allows you to create the most comfortable “work triangle” – a triad of washing, cooking and chopping zones in the kitchen.

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The most important thing in choosing the corner kitchen is the choice of the corner module. It can be straight or skewed. Tabletop is selected corresponding.

The bevelled corner module increases the working area, however, it takes up more space in the finished kitchen.

A straight corner module is more compact and preferred for a kitchen with a small area.

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It is also very important to consider the method of fastening the facades in the corner module.

The doors of the corner module can be:

  • swing
  • folding
  • bent

The latter are especially relevant if drawers are used in the corner module.

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The easiest way to organize the space of a small economy-class kitchen is to use a single-row (straight) layout.

It does not require special tricks in the installation and allows the maximum budget to fit all the most necessary on a small number of square meters.

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Among the shortcomings – most likely you will have few cabinets and drawers for storing kitchen utensils.

From the pros – you can put in the kitchen a small dining table or kitchenette.

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Wall cabinets are used to store dishes, food, spices, kitchen utensils – i.e. all that is used most often and (preferably) weighs little.

For convenience, place cabinets at eye level, but not lower than 60 cm from the working surface!

If you need a lot of storage space, make cabinets under the ceiling, but put something on the uppermost shelves that you don’t use very often, so that you don’t jump up and down every time.

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In addition to standard hinged facades, there are so-called folding or lifting facades.

And it’s just a must have for every little kitchen!

Take a look.

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Corner shelves of kitchen set – an additional opportunity to create coziness and comfort in your kitchen. They help to visually smooth and ease the ends of the kitchen set. Here you can put some trinkets, jars of spices, tea house or a pot with a blooming hydrangea.

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Roll-out and sliding cabinets will definitely make your life in a small kitchen easier!

Instead of rummaging through the depths of ordinary cabinets (to which, sometimes, it is not so easy to get to, especially in the bottom line), you simply roll out the contents of the module and look for what you need. Is not it lovely?

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Facades are different:

  • wooden
  • metal
  • glass
  • combined
  • plastic

In fact, the appearance of your finished kitchen at 80 percent depends on the facades.

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In many ways, the choice of facades depends on the style of the interior. Plastic is more suitable for a modern-style kitchen, wood for a Provencal or classic-style kitchen, and metal for a loft. The same requirements for worktops, by the way, although stone is a fairly versatile material.

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In terms of the visual perception of your kitchen, there is one general recommendation: use as little decor as possible. The fewer the details, the less cluttered the space will appear.

It is also not advisable to make the top line of the kitchen darker than the bottom – the space will seem unbalanced.

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In the small economy-class kitchen, the bar counter may well replace the dining table. Especially true it will look in the kitchen in a modern style or in a loft style.

It can be placed as an extension to a standard kitchen (corner or direct), but now it is fashionable to turn it into a bar counter … window sill!

It is both stylish, and beautiful, and functional, and ergonomic.

Take a look!

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But from the metal bar leg bar racks should be categorically abandoned – this is already a relic of the past.

Accessories and equipment of small kitchen set

Modern kitchen sets are an elaborate storage system and organization of space. Of course, the budget options are more limited in the choice of modules than the premium class options, which have a fairly wide range of components for the kitchen. However, there is always a choice.

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Thus, a useful component of a kitchen set in a small kitchen will be a cargo – a narrow drawout cabinet in a modern style for storing liquids: vinegar, vegetable oils, wine, etc.

For storage of bulk products, a narrow cabinet will be a useful acquisition.

In some kitchen corners there are built-in drawers for storing kitchen utensils under the seat.

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Light in the design of the kitchen should be a lot!

To make it comfortable to cook, to make it easier to clean, and in general, to make the kitchen look stylish and beautiful.

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The very first light source in your kitchen is a window and natural light. But it is not always the way we would like. Therefore, general lighting comes to the rescue. Typically, this is a chandelier or a few ceiling lights (in the loft). Remember, if there is no hood in your kitchen, all the soot and dirt will settle on surfaces, including the chandelier.

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Another important type of lighting is functional. In the kitchen, this is the lighting of the working area, often placed under the upper cabinets. Modern technologies make it possible to make kitchen aprons immediately illuminated so that the cooking process is easy and pleasant. Also functional lighting can be used in cabinets.

Decorative lighting is designed to make your kitchen more beautiful. This includes both different lights in a modern style, and lamps with candlesticks. Most often, it is selected under the style of interior design.

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Drawers allow you to keep on hand the most necessary. For kitchen design it is better to do several low drawers than one or two deep ones (however, the cost in dollars may vary due to the cost of components). Then you can arrange their contents in one row and find the necessary thing at a glance.

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Organizers will be a useful addition to the drawers in the kitchen and cabinets, as they assume a separate storage place for each item or group of items (for example, spices).

However, remember! The presence of the organizer is not enough to maintain order in your kitchen!

In order to have order in the kitchen, it is very important to put things in their places. Therefore, choosing a place for something, orient yourself, where the thing will be more convenient for you to put back (in the upper cabinet, in the lower cabinet or even in the drawer), and not where it will be more convenient to take it.

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In a small kitchen, knobs often cause torn clothes and bruises. Choose pens as smooth as possible, and if possible, discard them altogether.

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Railing is a tube above the work surface, on which kitchen utensils are hung. Previously, hooks under the upper cabinets were used for this, but the beauty of the railing is that you can hang an unlimited number of items on it.

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Placement of kitchen appliances in a small kitchen

From a very small kitchen, a refrigerator is best brought to the corridor.

Built-in refrigerators will be invisible, but for this you will need a special kitchen set, which will take up more space than a regular one.

But a refrigerator can become a stylish accessory and a bright decoration of your kitchen, for example, if it is of an unusual color or is made in retro style (the cost in dollars may vary).

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Geysers do not look very aesthetically pleasing in kitchen design, so it’s better to hide them behind the facade of the upper cabinet (with the obligatory preservation of access at any moment!)

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Manufacturers of kitchen sets for a small kitchen

Making a kitchen to order will allow you to maximally functionally use every centimeter of space in accordance with your individual needs and wishes.

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Ready-made kitchens of modern manufacturers are predominantly modular and allow you to assemble your own kitchen set. Here are examples of small kitchen sets from the most famous manufacturers (the cost in dollars can be found on the official sites).

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