Pros and cons of a white kitchen

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You can look at four things for an infinitely long time: how the water flows, how the fire burns, how the other person works and how it all fits together in the snow-white kitchen.

Is it so scary to care for her, as they write about him?

Let’s see.

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Cons (and they are also new features) white kitchen

  1. Many criticize the white kitchen for marzimi. At the same time, it is in the white kitchen that it will be easiest to notice the accumulation of dirt in the very first stages.
  2. To prevent stains from eroding into the white surface, they must be immediately eliminated. Which, again, is generally a plus, because with such an approach, pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms in your kitchen simply will not have time to breed.
  3. The white interior of the kitchen sometimes resembles a sterile hospital. What is really just a reason to turn to a competent designer or improve your own skills in creating kitchen design.
  4. White substandard facades quickly turn yellow from the sun. And they (regardless of color) let through moisture and do not protect against temperature fluctuations, because of which the furniture quickly becomes unusable. But you remember that the miser pays twice? So the color is just one more, but not the most important, reason to immediately buy quality furniture.

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