The secret to a comfortable kitchen: what is the working triangle rule?

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The dream of every hostess is not only beautiful, but also a comfortable kitchen.

And all functional kitchens have one common secret: a properly organized work triangle.

What is it and why does it work? Now we will tell you everything in detail!

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Corner kitchens are considered the most functional precisely because it is easiest to organize the correct placement of furniture and zones in them. But with the help of a few simple rules, even the design of a small kitchen can be made stylish and comfortable.

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The main characteristics of a properly organized working triangle are:

  • The distance between the zones is not less than 1.2 m, but not more than 2.6 m. Less than these figures – closely, more – tiring.
  • On the lines of transition from one zone to another there should not be any extra items: chairs, tables, bar counters, etc.
  • A perfect triangle is an equilateral triangle. Therefore, the refrigerator, the cutting surface and the stove should be approximately the same distance from each other.

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That’s the whole secret of a comfortable kitchen.

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