Wallpaper for bedroom 2017: how to combine correctly

Wallpaper for bedroom 2017: how to combine correctly

In the first part of the article we looked at the choice of bedroom design, now let’s move on to the most popular material for decorating walls – wallpaper.

Want to know absolutely ALL the secrets of choosing a wallpaper for the bedroom?

Then welcome to us!

The subtleties of using monophonic and combined wallpapers, 103 top modern ideas for decorating bedrooms with photo and 3D wallpapers, a full guide on the types of wallpapers – read about all this in detail in our article.

How many types of wallpaper can be combined in the bedroom?


More precisely a lot.

More precisely, as much as you need for a feeling of complete relaxation and inner harmony.

One kind of wallpaper

The most obvious way to use one type of wallpaper in the bedroom is to completely paste over all the walls.

This is a good solution if:

  • the room lacks a catchy decor and the wallpaper only emphasizes and emphasizes the rest of the interior. For this perfect monophonic wallpaper or wallpaper with a small pattern.
  • there are not enough interesting elements in the room or there is not enough space to place them, and the walls become the main decoration of the bedroom. In this case, it is important to choose the picture of the wallpaper that is ideally suited for your room (we will tell more about the pictures on the wallpaper below).

But in 2017, designers recommend using one type of wallpaper in combination with other materials for wall decoration:

  • paint
  • decorative putty
  • decorative panels

As a rule, one accent wall is decorated with wallpaper in this case. She may be at the head of the bed, but not necessarily.

Wallpaper of TWO colors

The most popular bedroom design in 2017 is the use of two types of wallpaper.

Wallpapers can vary by:

  • color (most often it refers to the wallpaper for painting, which are colored by the designer)
  • pattern
  • texture

The main task of using two types of wallpaper in the bedroom is to visually zone the space of a room and make it multi-layered.

What part of the bedroom would you like to highlight and why?

Should walls with different wallpaper contrast or smoothly flow into each other?

Will your bedroom walls be decorated with something else or not?

Our selection of 8 interesting combinations of two types of wallpaper in the bedroom will help you decide on the answers to these questions.

Very often, the manufacturers of modern wallpapers specially produce collections with wallpapers that perfectly match their texture or color.

Three types of wallpaper

Three or more types of wallpaper should be used in the bedroom, if you need to allocate several functional areas:

  • sleeping area
  • children’s Corner
  • workplace

It is necessary to combine contrasting colors very carefully!

On how to properly combine shades in the interior (including 3 colors), we told in detail on the first page .

A color scheme

But more often in the interior of the bedroom are used different shades of the same color, smoothly moving into each other.

Another option is to combine wallpapers in which the same color is the base.

When combining three types of wallpaper in the bedroom interior, at least one of them should be neutral / monotonous. The universal color for the three-color combination is white.

Wallpapers – one of the main materials for decorating walls.

With their help, you can achieve different visual effects, sometimes even more interesting than when using conventional paint.

Let’s see what are the wallpapers and how they can be used in the interior of the bedroom.

Top 7 types of wallpaper designs

Plain wallpaper

Wallpapers without patterns and contrasting sprays are considered to be uniform (even if there are some minor color variations, for example, due to the texture of the canvas).

In modern interior design plain wallpaper used:

  • for painting, which allows at its discretion to combine colors, but give the walls a single texture
  • in combination with other wallpapers (with large, bright, saturated drawings)

Plain wallpaper is perfect for a bedroom with a rich textile finish and favorably emphasize unusual, catchy furniture. Otherwise, furniture, textiles and curtains will merge into one tasteless lurid stain.

Do not like monotony? Then pay attention to the wallpaper with a small pattern.

Wallpaper with a small pattern

A small pattern on the wallpaper gives the main color interesting additional shades, as if enveloping the background. Patterns can be either painted or more textured – for example, in the form of spraying from foamed acrylic or thinnest golden threads woven into wallpaper.

Light drawing in cold colors will help you visually make the room more spacious and light. And vice versa – ornaments of dark tones of warm shades will attract more attention to the walls because of which the room may seem smaller.

But the pattern on the wallpaper does not have to be small!

Wallpaper with a large pattern

Wallpaper with a large pattern is very dynamic, eye-catching. They will look good in large spacious bedrooms.


And remember the oil painting. In the literal sense. Near it is incomprehensible chaotic strokes, but it is worth moving away from the picture at least a couple of meters, as they are going into a single story with fairly clear outlines.

The same principle in the perception of large prints – all their beauty can be assessed only at a distance.

By simple calculations, it can be calculated that 2 meters from each wall (if you are in the center of the room) is at least 4 X 4 meters, that is, as many as 16 squares.

If your bedroom is more modest in size, then it is better to use wallpaper with a large pattern to decorate one, the farthest wall.

But what kind of print on the wallpaper to choose – depends on the style of the bedroom as a whole.

Damascus, Monogram Eastern, modern
Flowers Provence
Geometric figures Modern, hi-tech, futurism

The large elongated pattern will visually make your ceiling higher.

Large elongated pattern in bedroom bedroom 1

Large elongated pattern in the interior of bedroom 2

Geometric wallpaper

Geometric print on the wallpaper creates a feeling of continuous space that looks very cool in the interior of the bedroom.

The main thing is to successfully choose the size of the picture – small for a small room and large for a large one.

Striped wallpaper

Wallpaper strips are perhaps the most versatile assistant in creating visual effects in the interior.

First, the stripes can be clear and contrasting shades, and can be smoothly flowing into each other in a sequence of transitions from dark to light shades, which looks softer, but with all the visual effects preserved.

Secondly, the bands are of different directions.

Vertical stripes

Will help to visually raise the ceiling and make the room already.

Horizontal stripes

On the contrary will make the space of your bedroom lower.

Diagonal stripes

They will set the perception of the directional room, make it dynamic and impulsive.

Textured wallpaper

Of course, one of the main trends of 2017 is the use of a variety of textures – stone, wood, brickwork, glass.

But not drawn the same!

Perhaps such wallpaper and looked good and fashionable 20 years ago, but now it is an absolute relic of the past.

If you really want to decorate your bedroom with textures – use for this natural materials or at least their counterparts.

Wall mural

Awesome solution for the interior of the bedroom – the use of photo wallpaper.

Wall with wall murals is guaranteed to become accent!

Thanks to the perspectivity of photos, a feeling of extra space is created (as with a mirror, only more interesting).

Modern technologies allow to make a canvas of any size with any image.

Layfkhak: if wall-paper in the whole wall is too expensive for you, you can order a canvas at a height equal to the height of your window. Place them on the same level – and voila! Another window has appeared in your room!

In addition to photos with perspective (cities or landscapes) in 2017, 3D wallpapers have become megapopular.

They differ from ordinary photo wallpapers in macro mode with the effect of space three-dimensionality.

See how amazing they look in the interior of the bedroom!

10 materials for the manufacture of wallpaper


One of the most popular wall designs is paper wallpaper.

  • A wide range of colors
  • Simple in sticking
  • Budget decoration for walls


  • Easy to tear, spoil, lose their colors in the sun
  • Do not cover the roughness of the wall
  • Can not wash

Wallpapers with a single layer canvas are called “simplex”, and with a two-layer – “duplex”.

Wallpaper for the bedroom of paper


Made from long fibers of cellulose with the addition of special adhesive compositions.

  • Inexpensive
  • Wash themselves
  • You can repaint several times
  • Cover up the cracks on the walls


  • Low heat and sound insulation
  • A poor selection of drawings

Wall-paper for a bedroom from a flizelin


A compromise between paper and non-woven wallpaper.

  • Low price
  • Amenable to soft cleaning
  • Practical


  • Not suitable for rooms with high moisture concentrations.

Acrylic wallpaper for bedroom


One of the strongest types of wallpaper. Especially popular with pet lovers.

  • Very durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Hides significant wall roughness


  • Belong to the “above average” price category.
  • Thick and heavy
  • Do not miss the air
  • Can give off a peculiar smell at first.

Vinyl Wallpaper for Bedroom


The most durable wallpaper – fiberglass wallpaper. On such wallpaper, surely there will be no traces of the furniture standing next to them (such as, for example, on acrylic-coated wallpapers).

  • The most durable type of wallpaper
  • Amenable to cleaning
  • Not afraid of moisture and even fire
  • Completely hide cracks in the wall and bumps


  • Requires careful preparation of the wall and very strong glue
  • Inelastic
  • Removed from the wall with putty

Fiberglass bedroom wallpaper


Fabric for decorating walls is also used for a long time, like paper. But textile wallpaper has always been a sign of wealth and wealth of the house, emphasizing its status, as opposed to paper.

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Well breathable
  • Delightful appearance


  • Quite expensive
  • Accumulate dust
  • Cleaned exclusively by the dry method.
  • Requires special skills for sticking

Fabric bedroom wallpaper

Metallized Wallpaper

What will look in the bedroom in the style of hi-tech or futurism more cool than the metallic wallpaper?

  • Good thermal insulation
  • Practical
  • Durable
  • Unusual look


  • High price
  • They require a high-quality ventilation system in the room.

Wallpaper for the bedroom of metallized threads


Want to feel like a real artist? Then use liquid wallpaper!

  • Can be combined and combined in any way.
  • Excellent sound and heat insulation
  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Do not fade in the sun


  • Accumulate dust
  • Hard to clean
  • Expensive

Bedroom wallpaper liquid


The granular texture of quartz wallpaper has become a notable innovation in the market of interior design. As a basis for these wallpapers, flizelin or paper is used, on which crumb is applied: quartz sand, mica, granite.

  • Interesting appearance
  • Easily repainted with latex paint.
  • Hide the flaws of the walls
  • Universal in use


  • Expensive
  • Special glue and wall preparation required
  • Clean only with vacuum cleaner.

Quartz bedroom wallpaper

Cork, bamboo and other eco-materials

The trend of recent years is the eco-style in interior design. And if you are his follower – you can not do without the wallpaper of eco-materials. The most popular ones are bamboo, but there are other options.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antistatic


  • Used as a separate decorative element.
  • Requires opening with varnish or wax

Bamboo bedroom wallpaper

7 popular in 2017 styles for bedroom design

Everything new is well forgotten old. And sometimes the most current trends are already appearing somewhere and sometime, but for some reason they are left without proper attention. And it also happens: some idea becomes cult and dictates the fashion of the whole next season. And even longer (as it was, for example, with the film “Hipsters”).

Leading world designers highlight the 7 most popular in 2017 styles for decorating bedrooms:

  • Classic
  • Baroque
  • High tech
  • Modern style
  • Country style
  • East style
  • Loft

Let’s remember where they have already met.


Classic style in interior design is a triumph of refinement and taste. All design elements of a classic bedroom are made from natural materials, mainly from expensive woods. Due to this, the shades of such an interior are mostly dark brown. But other, lighter variants are possible.

Textiles for the bedroom in the classic style are made of thick fabrics.

In the classic style dominates the severity of forms and clarity of lines.

An ideal example of a classic-style bedroom design is Mr. Gatsby’s bedroom from the same film.

Just look at this stunning interior!

Great Gatsby (bedroom in classic style) 1

A spacious bed in the center of the room, a wardrobe with open shelves, a minimum of details (and not a single extra!).

By the way, open shelving and shelves are one of the main trends of 2017.

On the floor of the bedroom of the main character, there is a carpet with an unusual, but not catchy pattern.

In the corner near the window is a miniature dressing table. Ladies, you must admit that every one will feel like a queen!

Very interesting in the interior of the Great Gatsby look wall panels with soft light upholstery, which dilutes some of the darkness of mahogany, and the mirror on the far wall visually expands the space and doubles the light coming from the windows.

Of course, such a two-story bedroom in a classic style is a real dream! But in our realities classicism will be an excellent choice. Moreover, the classic is a classic to be out of time and a change of epochs.

Take a look at what awesome ideas designers are proposing to bring to life in 2017.


Because of the traditional use of the Baroque style is often confused with the classical style.

Still would! Both natural materials are used there. And there, and there you will not find neon, saturated, expressive shades. Both classical and baroque have been used in interior design for a long time (mainly in the rich mansions of the nobility and palaces of royals).


Translated from the Italian “Baroque” means “propensity to excess”.

How is it shown?

In contrast to the strict and restrained lines of the classics, the baroque interior is an interior with a huge variety of carved elements, stucco moldings, angels, flowers and other relief decorations.

The bedroom in the Baroque style is filled with ornate legs, unusual handles and hooks, intricate decors on the backs of the bed and the doors of the wardrobe, fabrics embroidered with gold thread and heavy chandeliers. By and large, there is no functionality in it, but it looks amazing.

How else to explain that this style is so popular with filmmakers?

We couldn’t even pick out a single film with the best bedroom in the Baroque style! Therefore, see the selection with the most interesting in our opinion baroque bedrooms from different films. And pay attention to the details. They are beautiful!

And this is what real baroque bedrooms look like.

Remember! If you decorate the bedroom in the Baroque style, pick up the whole decor so that it does not bother you. Otherwise, do not avoid bruises and torn clothes.

High tech

Tired of the “classics of the genre”? Then go ahead for new ideas!

The high-tech style is only the most fashionable, the coolest, the most technologically advanced ideas and solutions. It is an abundance of metal and light, smooth surfaces and functional details.

Doesn’t it sound very comfortable for the bedroom? So you just did not see the movie “Passengers”!

This is where the high-tech style is presented in all its glory!

Of course, sometimes each of us wants to hide in an individual capsule like that of the main character and sleep there for decades in peace and quiet.

Passengers (high-tech bedroom)

But fortunately for us and our loved ones this is impossible, and therefore we will borrow another, no less worthy idea from this film.

Due to the fact that the bedroom is made in beige tones, it is not perceived as cold and inhospitable.

Passengers (high-tech bedroom) 1

Thanks to a combination of different local lighting options, the main character’s bedroom each time looks different.

Passengers (high-tech bedroom) 5

Passengers (high-tech bedroom) 4

Functional details such as a turned bedside lamp will be a great solution for a small room in the Khrushchev.

Bedside tables look very cool, which are essentially a continuation of the bed frame. But instead of bedside tables used niches in the wall on the sides of the bed.

Passengers (high-tech bedroom) 2

It would seem impossible to combine high-tech style and nature. But no, and here the designers of “Passengers” surprised us: a huge plasma in the whole wall with stunning landscapes (which in the future may become known as video wallpapers) harmoniously fits into the overall picture. We have the same effect can be achieved with the help of photo wallpaper.

Passengers (high-tech bedroom) 3

Especially for you, we have prepared some more fantastic solutions for high-tech bedrooms in 2017. Get inspired … and take action!

Modern style

The restraint of modern style is beautifully reflected in Amanda’s house from the movie “Exchange Leave”.

It was not by chance that the filmmakers turned to him, because the interior largely reflects the character of the main character: resolute, bold, solid, self-sufficient.

The moderate gray scale of shades perfectly harmonizes with soft fabric materials.

Despite the severity of the lines of the modern style, the feeling of coziness in the bedroom is given by a huge white and fluffy carpet.

Notice how the windows of the bedroom in a modern style combined Roman curtains and heavy curtains on the floor.

An interesting design technique: the main gray color is shaded by darker elements (Roman curtains on the windows, pillows on the bed).

The photo below presents examples of how you can still use the modern style in the interior of the bedroom.

Country style (country)

But at the second heroine of the film “Exchange Leave” Iris has a completely different bedroom!

Bright textile elements, asymmetric arrangement of furniture, a warm range of shades – all this is characteristic of country style.

Rustic interior themes emphasize wooden ceiling beams and wicker baskets with firewood.

A fireplace in such a bedroom is not perceived as a luxury item, but as a truly necessary element of comfort and coziness.

The inconclusive furniture from different sets perfectly combines with each other, which gives the room a rustic charm and charm.

House Iris is a purely English branch of country style. But do not limit yourself exclusively to them!

The trend of 2017 is the use of textured rough materials (wood, stone).

And it is this trend that fits best into the rural theme!

Judge for yourself.

But in 2017, the country-bedrooms of southern France look better known as the provencal-style bedrooms.

East style

“The East is a delicate matter,” comrade Sukhov said in the notorious film “White Sun of the Desert”. And he was right!

From our side, we add that the oriental style is not just sophisticated, it is lightweight, delicate, as if woven from millions of weightless threads.

And you can see this with the example of the interiors of the pearls of Turkish cinema – the series “The Magnificent Age”.

A rather heavy dark palette of oriental bedrooms is balanced by elegant ornaments. And these ornaments are everywhere!

  • on the walls
  • on bedspreads
  • on carpets

The oriental-style bedroom beds are decorated with translucent canopies, as well as carved posts on which they adhere.

Ceramic tiles with Arabian ornate ornaments or carpets (which is preferable for the bedroom) are used for the flooring.

In addition to the main bed in the bedrooms there are necessarily extra couches or sofas.

Fabrics are used for wall cladding, but in the apartment it is more appropriate to replace them with wallpaper with a suitable print.

The peculiarity of the Turkish style is the use in the interior design of a huge variety of pillows.

Modern designers offer such options for the design of bedrooms in the oriental style.


Which style is more suited to the studio space of the main characters of the movie “Love and Other Cures” than a loft?

Perhaps this is the case when the room itself initially sets the tone for the entire interior.

Due to the huge windows, local lights are almost never used.

All functional areas of the apartment smoothly flow into each other, the sleeping place is the heart of the whole space.

Many open shelving and shelves.

All interior parts and accessories came here as if by chance, not at the same time, but it is precisely due to this that a truly loft charm is created.

In Maggie’s bedroom, it’s almost impossible to pick out the dominant color. At the same time, the interior harmoniously combines warm and cool shades of brown.

Loft style is considered one of the most flexible styles in the interior, which you can easily correct for yourself.

Still do not know what style is suitable for registration of your bedroom?

Then decide on the color!

Perhaps this is what will help you in the future to choose your style.

Bedroom Design 2017: Modern Ideas in Different Colors

As you have already guessed, many styles are characterized by their own color range. For classics, these are dark wood shades, for Provence pastel colors.

But in the realities of the post-Soviet space, when choosing a color, it is necessary to make a start primarily from the room itself, and not from the style.


Bedroom in bright colors

Light shades for the design of bedrooms are very popular due to their ability to visually expand the space. In addition, the chance to wake up in a great mood is much higher in the light and comfortable bedroom than in a dark crypt.

White color

White color in the interior is a guaranteed feeling of lightness and cleanliness.

The snow-white bedroom literally breathes freshness.

But for white to look as attractive as possible, very good natural light is needed.

White bedroom

Fluorescent lamps add to the interior of the bedroom in the white color of hospital uncomfortable.

The trend of 2017 was the dilution of the white interior with bright accents. The interiors of bedrooms are no exception.

It can be dark floors, bright pillows or ornaments on the accent wall above the head of the bed.

Bedroom in warm pastel colors

Warm pastel colors are suitable for small bedrooms with poor natural lighting. As a rule, these are bedrooms in beige tones and different warm shades of white:

  • Ivory
  • Ivory
  • eggshell
  • linen

Bedroom in warm pastel colors

Bedroom in cool pastel colors

Cool pastel colors – ideal for small rooms with an excess of light. Most often these rooms are located on the southeast side of the house.

The most characteristic of such a palette for bedrooms in the Provencal and modern styles.

Bedroom in cool pastel colors

Bedroom in dark colors

Do you need a space in which you would feel completely protected?

Or perhaps your rhythm of life requires you to get enough sleep only during the daytime, when daylight pours in from everywhere?

Or maybe you are tired of typical solutions and want something extraordinary and daring?

Then the bedroom in dark colors is exactly what you are looking for!

She may be:

  • in gray
  • in black
  • in dark blue
  • in burgundy

The main thing to remember when making a bedroom in dark colors is the need for high-quality artificial lighting.

Bright contrasting accents will help to dilute the gloom of the dark bedroom.

Bedroom in bright colors

The bedroom is a very individual space. She does not have to boast before the guests, because for this there is a living room. But it is very important that you feel comfortable in the bedroom, relax and gain strength.

Therefore, if in the office you are a tenacious business woman, and in the soul of a crazy girl – it does not matter! Make your bedroom bright, unusual, interesting!

Bright colors are suitable for decorating bedrooms in styles:

  • kitsch
  • pop Art
  • eclecticism
  • fusion
  • country music
  • Mediterranean
  • avant-garde
  • loft

You can evenly distribute bright details throughout the room, or you can accent color in one place. In the second case, it is best to combine a bright color with more neutral shades.

Are you a romantic dreamer? Decorate your bedroom in turquoise colors.

Strive to be a man of action? Use red or orange color.

Injuring turgenevskaya young lady? You will surely like the room in lilac tones.

Do you want to feel the maximum unity with nature? Then the bedroom in shades of green is exactly what you need.

How to combine colors?

Option 1: Professional

There is such a thing called the circle of Itten. Absolutely all professional designers use it!

The bottom line is that in this circle the colors are arranged in a certain way and with the help of different schemes (triangle, square, polyhedron) they can be combined. The choice of the scheme depends on how many colors you need to combine – two, three, four, etc.

Contrast colors are at the top of the figure.

You can also combine nearby shades, most often not more than three.

The combination of colors 1

When using the circle Itten is very important that the selected colors are in the same intensity row (distance from the center of the circle).

Option 2: Creative

There is an opinion that if any photo looks harmonious, then all the shades on it will be perfectly matched to each other. Thanks to the adherents of this idea on the Internet you can find a huge variety of photos decomposed into colors.

It looks like this:

The combination of colors 2

Just pick the photo you like and use it as a palette.

Sometimes the color in the photo is much more than it seems at first glance. Do not limit yourself – use them all! And then your interior will literally sparkle with new colors.

The combination of colors 3

Option 3: Tested

There are also proven color combinations. The most common are:

White All colors, best with blue, red, black
Beige Blue, brown, emerald, black
Gray Blue, red, purple, pink
Yellow Green, purple, blue, blue, purple, black, red
Blue Gray, brown, orange, pink, white, yellow.
Red Black, white, blue, green, yellow
Green Orange, lime, yellow, brown, gray, cream, black, creamy white.
The black All colors, best with yellow, red, white, pink

Remember! Regardless of which color combination you choose, your bedroom should look harmonious and please you!

And how the bedrooms look in two colors and more – look at the photo below.

And now let’s fantasize a little about how you would like to see your ceiling in the bedroom.

Wake up beautiful! How to make a ceiling?

The ceiling is that part of the room that we see last falling asleep and first waking up.

In order not to “spit in the ceiling” at night you can hang up a TV on it. All the more modern ultra-thin plasma for this are quite adapted. Yes, and wake up with your favorite TV shows or clips will be much nicer.

However, there are many other options for decorating the bedroom ceiling:

The choice of one or another option depends on:

  1. Ceiling heights (for example, plasterboard or beam construction will not work for low ceilings, but stucco or decorative panels will look good)
  2. From the style of the room (stucco for Baroque, beams for country, stretch ceilings for high-tech style).

Well, woke up in the bedroom of your dreams? Let’s get up!

And what should be the floor for a comfortable lift, read below.

How to get up with “that” leg? Modern ideas for the design of the floor in the bedroom.

Getting out of a warm bed can be so hard! Especially if your feet touch the cold floor. Br-rr-r …

Therefore, we recommend to lay near your bed at least a small carpet or arrange the floor with carpet.

Do not like fleecy surfaces? Use parquet boards!

Natural wood is much more pleasant to the touch than linoleum or marble.

Having decided on the design of the floor and ceiling, you can begin to decorate the walls.

What you need to know about the design of the walls of the bedroom?

Beautiful bedrooms are above all beautiful walls.

To decorate the walls of the bedroom, you can use:

  • Decorative panels
  • the cloth
  • Paint
  • Decorative putty
  • Wallpaper

(Read more about choosing a wallpaper for the bedroom on the next page).

It is not recommended to hang any shelves or cabinets above the bed. According to the teachings of feng shui, such a decision will energetically put pressure on your consciousness and interfere with proper relaxation and recuperation. According to the logic, once a year the stick shoots and the shelves may collapse right on your head.

That is why the free wall above the bed often becomes accent and is distinguished by color, print or accessories (remember the pictures above Amanda’s bed from “Exchange Holidays”).

The most budget option for highlighting the accent wall is the use of combined wallpaper or wallpaper of two colors.

So that all the beauty of your bedroom can be appreciated at any time of the day, of course, you need light. How to organize it?

A fresh look at the issue of lighting in the bedroom

First, in the bedroom you need a general (“top”) lighting that will make the entire room visible at any time of the day. It is convenient and during cleaning, and during the search for any thing, and just in the evening.

The general light can come from a single point (chandeliers) or be dispersed around the perimeter of the room (a common variant when decorating the ceiling with drywall).

Secondly, bedside lamps are necessary near the bed: wall sconces or floor lamps. The main thing is that you can reach them without getting out of bed – and it is more convenient to read before bedtime, and turn off the light at night.

Thirdly, if there are any additional zones in your bedroom (dressing room, workplace, baby cot), local lighting is also needed near them.

Well, since we are talking about electricity, it is MANDATORY to install sockets near your bed. Believe me, this is a very necessary thing!

The same necessary as the curtains on the windows.

Curtains, blinds, curtains: decorate the windows

Window decoration curtains and curtains plays a crucial role in creating an atmosphere of comfort in your bedroom.

Dense drapes are necessary in the bedroom so that in the evenings curious eyes do not look into your windows in the evenings, and in the mornings the early sun did not interfere with a full sleep.

In the daytime, on the contrary, I want the sunlight to penetrate into the room more, so tulle is used for the bedroom.

Curtains with lambrequins

Lambrequin is a draped low section of fabric that is placed on top of the curtains over the entire width of the window.

Curtains with lambrequins are used in such traditional styles as:

  • classicism
  • baroque
  • Empire
  • antique

Lambrequins can be simple and multi-layered, made of lightweight, airy fabrics that accentuate tulle, or of thick curtain materials.

Curtains with lambrequins in the interior of a bedroom 1

Curtains with lambrequins in the interior of a bedroom 2

See more photos of curtains for the bedroom .

Curtains without lambrequins

In such styles as modern, Mediterranean, modern, minimalism most often used curtains without lambrequins.

The length of the curtains depends on whether they close only the window, or a window with a balcony door.

In the first case, it is permissible to use short curtains, and in the second one you cannot do without curtains on the floor.

It also matters whether something is located under the window. For example, if your desk is close to the window, it will be at least inconvenient to draw long curtains.

Curtains without lambrequins in the interior of a bedroom 1

Curtains without lambrequins in the interior of a bedroom 2


Unlike curtains, which are created using thick heavy fabrics, curtains are lighter and shorter cuts of fabric without any special draperies.

Use curtains to decorate the bedroom in Provence or Country styles.

Stylish curtains made of heavy fabrics are best fixed with eyelets. For lighter fabrics, use a ceiling molding with hooks or clothespins.

Curtains in the bedroom interior

Roman curtains for the bedroom

Roman blinds as a “domesticated” version of blinds ideal for maximum protection from the sun’s rays. However, in the “pure” form it is better not to use them, so combine them with curtains or curtains.

Well, is it time to furnish our dream bedroom with furniture?

Proper furniture for the bedroom: the subtleties and nuances of choice

Before buying furniture in the bedroom, you should definitely consider what will be in it and where to stand. Only a carefully designed layout will make your bedroom not only comfortable, but also beautiful.

What furniture is needed in the bedroom?

Sleeping area

This may be a bed, or maybe a sofa (if the bedroom is small ).

The berth should be of a suitable size: an average of 50 centimeters free at the edges of the one lying wide and 20-30 centimeters longer than its height.

Beds can be with a headboard, with a footboard (side at the feet) or without them. In addition, they can be on the legs or on the whole frame.

Sofas have different transformation mechanisms. The most popular among them are:

Sofa mechanisms

Which one to choose depends on the shape of the room and its layout.

For example, a eurobook sofa is well suited for a narrow elongated room, while a roll-out sofa is a great option for square-shaped rooms.

When choosing a bed pay special attention to its rigidity. If your sofa or mattress on the bed is too hard or, on the contrary, too soft, it will affect not only the quality of sleep, but also the state of health in general.

Otherwise, when choosing a bed, you should rely on your aesthetic preferences, needs and intuition.

Sleeper in the interior of the bedroom (sofa)

Sleeping place in the interior of the bedroom (bed)

Bedside table

Or a table. Or at least a wide wooden armrest sofa.

In a word – any space on which you can put various little things in life: a phone, a book, an alarm clock.

In addition, what should be constantly at hand, you probably have personal belongings are not for prying eyes. That is why the nightstand will be more convenient than an open coffee table.

Among the modern models of beds and sofas (especially angular) you can find a lot of models with already built-in tables or niches.

Bedside cabinets in the bedroom interior

Sofa with bedside cabinet

And do not forget! For comfortable use, the bedside table should be flush with the mattress.

Couches and armchairs

Before going to bed, removing a peignoir or a dressing gown, you will probably have a question about where to put it. Designers propose to use for these purposes a small couch at the foot of the bed (on which, by the way, you can lay down all the decorative pillows). In our opinion, a small armchair will look more appropriate in the bedroom of the apartment. In addition, it is quite possible to use it as a place to read – just install a floor lamp next to it or hang a small sconce.

Armchairs and couch in the interior of the bedroom

Chests and cabinets

Is your bedroom part-time also a storage place? Then you will probably need a wardrobe and a small chest of drawers for small things.

Choose a chest of drawers either low and wide, or narrow, but high.

Chest of drawers in the interior of the bedroom

Read more about wardrobes for the bedroom .

Shelves and shelving

If you like to read and cannot imagine your life without books, place open shelving or shelves in your bedroom. Their size depends solely on the size of your home library!

Hinged shelves in the interior of the bedroom

Dressing table

If the area of ​​the bedroom allows – put in it a small dressing table with high-quality spot lighting. With it, you will always look like a queen!

Dressing table in the bedroom interior

Headboard: 8 coolest design ideas

A separate line I want to say about the design of the head of the bed. On the one hand, it’s kind of like a part of a bed, but on the other hand, to call the headboard a tongue that flows smoothly into the ceiling with furniture does not turn. In addition, the wall above the bed often becomes accent and its decoration should be approached very carefully.

Let’s deal with the coolest design ideas design headboard and accent wall.

1. Wooden headboard. Perhaps the most traditional option. It is not expensive and rather cozy. In addition, the tree is very malleable material for experiments: it can be burned, painted, cut. In our opinion, a very interesting option for decorating the head of the bed is the use of decorative wood panels.

Wooden headboard 1

Wooden headboard 2

2. Fabric headboard. This is what really lovers will appreciate to put their hands deep under the pillow or throw them up! Soft, comfortable, pleasant to the touch. Not a headboard, but a fairy tale!

Fabric headboard 1

3. Hinged shelves. Perfectly suited for the interior, in which there was no place for bedside tables. And stylish and comfortable.

Headboard with shelves

4. For those who are afraid of panic that something will collapse on their head, the designers suggest using niches at the head of the bed. The functionality is the same as that of the shelves, but the risk of being literally under the obstruction is much lower.

Headboard with niches

5. Arched niche. Unlike niche shelves, these are hollows in the wall into which the bed is “inserted”. Their design may differ from other walls. This may be brickwork, pattern, trendy wallpaper with a large print or a decorative panel of marble. The main advantage of arched niches is the possibility to place additional spotlights in them.

Headboard in an arched niche

6. The canopy. A great option for romantic princesses!

No comments. Just take a look.

Four-poster headboard 1

Four-Poster Headboard 2

7. Headboard-ceiling. And no matter what it is made of: wood, decorative plaster, wallpaper or metal. The main feature of this headboard is that it from the bed smoothly flows to the ceiling. Thus, the bed is visually completely separated from the rest of the room space, which is very good, for example, for bedrooms-living rooms.

Headboard-ceiling in the interior of bedroom 1

Headboard-ceiling in the interior of bedroom 2

8. The mirror headboard visually expands the space and makes the room brighter.

Mirrored headboard 1

Doubt that the area of ​​your bedroom is suitable for the implementation of all your ideas? Let’s discuss it!

See how easy it is to create a cozy interior in a small bedroom!

Agree, few of us can boast of a really luxurious and spacious bedroom.

But the coziness and comfort of the bedroom does not depend on square meters!

To decorate the interior of a small bedroom is best to use light shades. Warm or cold – depends on how much natural light in the room. If your bedroom is located on the southeast side of the house, then it is better to use cold colors. If the room is located on the northwest side or the path of light is blocked by dense foliage of trees, give preference to warm colors.

Visually expand the space will help mirrors or mirror panels, as well as additional spot lighting.

In a tiny bedroom it is better to place the necessary minimum of furniture. It is desirable that it be a streamlined shape (so that you are less stumbling into corners) and transforming (for example, a sofa instead of a bed).

To maximize the use of room space while not cluttering it – choose furniture with built-in storage niches (sofas, ottomans, tables).

For decorating the ceiling you should not use three-dimensional elements like beams or multi-level structures.

And in any case do not overdo it with accessories! For a small bedroom, 2-3 bright accents are enough.

Small sizes are not for you? But in the design of a large bedroom has its own nuances!

The details of the design of a large bedroom (from 12 sq. M)

It would seem that difficult in the design of a large bedroom?

But you can hardly fully relax and unwind in the ceremonial hall of gigantic proportions.

To avoid uncomfortable simplicity in a bedroom, do not place furniture far apart. It is better to make a couple of independent islands (a bed and bedside tables, reading chairs, a dressing table) than to set everything around the perimeter at equal distance from each other.

See also: Design bedrooms 12 square meters .

If necessary, a large bedroom can solve several problems at once:

1. Be a bedroom-living room. In this case, a place to sleep and a place to receive guests is best divided by a partition.

Interior bedroom living room 1

Interior bedroom living room 2

2. To be a bedroom-dressing room, which is quite common in our realities. You can install a huge wardrobe or again, using partitions to separate the storage area.

Interior bedroom wardrobe 1

Interior bedroom wardrobe 2

3. Be a bedroom office. The main requirement for zoning in this case is high-quality workplace lighting.

Interior of a bedroom-study 1

Interior of a bedroom-study 2

Well, what are some interesting ideas for the design of a large bedroom – see our photo selection below.

Before creating a bedroom design, familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes in decorating a bedroom in the following video:

For those who want to control the repair process “from one to the other” or simply understand all its intricacies, we recommend reading the most complete guide on choosing a wallpaper for the bedroom on the next page .

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