Wallpaper for the kitchen (105 photos of ideas)

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What is the most favorite place in the apartment of all households?

Of course, KITCHEN!

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen you need to create a cozy space, keep the style, and, most importantly, take into account the practicality of the material and color. That is what I will help you now.

The selection of 105 photos of successful solutions for the wallpaper in the kitchen, a comparison of washable, liquid and other types of wallpaper. A detailed infographics will help you when choosing the color and style of wallpaper design.

Stylish wallpaper for the kitchen: from loft to Provence

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Kitchens in country style are designed to create a cozy atmosphere of the home.

To do this, best suited wallpaper calm muted shades: green, beige, terracotta, soft yellow, brown, pale pink, purple, blue.

This style is natural, in such a kitchen will look great wallpaper for simple natural materials: stone, wood, etc.

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To create a loft-style kitchen interior, there are two options for finishing: bare walls without any treatment or imitation of them with wallpaper depicting brickwork, pipes, rough plaster.

Rich deep color wallpapers are also able to recreate a bohemian “factory” atmosphere.

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Japanese-style cuisine is a place of relaxation, rest for body and soul.

To create a relaxing and relaxing interior, natural natural colors like ocher and green are best suited. Wallpaper imitating bamboo stonework or wallpaper with ethnic motifs and calligraphy, drawings with exotic flowers and birds will revive the kitchen.

You can choose the design in the spirit of Japanese minimalism, and you can give preference to bright colors, choosing wallpaper that contrasts with furniture.

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Conciseness, severity, simplicity, cleanliness, functionality, maximum of light and space – these are the cherished canons of the kitchen in the style of minimalism.

Monochromatic simple wall decoration will help to embody all these tasks in one interior, perhaps with a small smooth pattern.

The traditional solution for minimalism is the use of gray walls and a white headset in the interior. In fact, the dominant color can be any, but light colors are still preferable. The main color can be effectively emphasized with the help of stone, metal, natural wood.

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Choosing a wallpaper: the most popular colors with examples

Blue wallpapers are best suited for active and energetic people: a gentle, calm gamma has a calming effect, will help you relax and unwind after a long day at work, as well as create a relaxed atmosphere of romance and carefree rest.

Soothing wallpaper colors of the summer sky will be perfectly combined with a yellow kitchen set and accessories. Another popular combination is the blue wall covering, white curtains and furniture, diluted with blue objects of decoration in the role of bright accents.

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This color has countless shades, with the right selection of which you can create a really impressive light and summer interior. Particularly impressive in the kitchen look green wallpaper in combination with brown, beige, orange, gray or black set. The green background always sets off the color of the apron very favorably , refreshing the interior and creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere in the kitchen.

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A wide assortment of colors of the orange scale – coral, peach, amber, orange, salmon – will help to create a friendly atmosphere in the kitchen, which promotes communication. Citrus tones in the interior raise the mood and increase appetite. Orange wallpapers will be best combined with warm blue, green, black colors.

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White kitchen is a classic minimalist interior. Light colors will visually give your room more light and space. So that the kitchen does not look boring at the same time, add bright accents to its interior, for example, by combining white wallpaper with green, orange or even black.

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What material to choose wallpaper from?

The kitchen is an area of ​​high humidity, and when choosing a design, it certainly needs to be taken into account. Wallpaper should not only please the eye, but also be practical, do not absorb kitchen aromas and be unpretentious in their care. For this purpose, it is better to leave the surfaces above the stove and sink non-sticky and lay them out with tiles or other finishing materials.

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According to its structure and properties, there are several types of wallpaper, then we will dwell on each of them in more detail.

This wallpaper is suitable for fans of one-color wall decoration. This coating has a high density, does not fade in the sun, and generally serves for a long time: you can safely scratch the walls, grind with a brush and rub with a damp cloth. Vinyl wallpaper also best hides all the irregularities and roughness of the walls. There are special varieties that also have disinfectant and bactericidal properties, preventing the emergence and multiplication of mold and fungi. Agree, for the kitchen is just perfect?

Attention! On wallpaper with volumetric images, dirt will be difficult to clean. To simplify your cleaning and do not regularly repair the repair, it is preferable to choose wallpaper with a smooth coating.

Consist of a two-layer material created on the basis of thick paper and coated with a thin layer of acrylic. This paint provides free air exchange in the kitchen, does not contain harmful substances, and, unlike benzoates in other finishing materials, does not adversely affect human health. Wallpapers have a gentle relief pattern, so when washing you can not use hard rags, detergents.

Choosing wallpaper for the kitchen-living room

In the combined studio room it is necessary to correctly select colors and a combination of drawings so that the decoration of the living room and the kitchen is in harmony with each other. Designers recommend choosing standard washable wallpapers for the kitchen area, and elegant and expensive ones for the living room. For a small kitchen-living room , it is better to select light-colored wallpapers. You can try to use in the decoration of the walls colorfully decorated wallpapers, which should coincide with the general style of the kitchen-living room.

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Combined wallpaper: practical design solution

The use of this decorating technique helps to solve several interior tasks at once:

  • zone the space;
  • visually add light to the room;
  • visually enlarge  ceilings and expand walls;
  • mask the flaws of the layout.

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To choose the right wallpaper and drastically transform the interior, you need to consider the following points:

  • Wallpapers must match the overall style of the interior;
  • Try to select the wallpaper of the same quality and the same price category;
  • Make sure the wallpaper is of equal thickness;
  • Alternate bright patterns with monochromatic colors, balance saturated colors with calmer ones;
  • Abstract pattern will be well combined with geometric, wood textures – with patterns of flowers.

The best wallpapers of 2018 to create a fashionable kitchen

The modern market of finishing materials for the kitchen is replete with all sorts of colors, ornaments and creative design solutions for every taste and budget. Here are the main trends of the current season:

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Luxurious ornaments . Decorators do not get tired of inventing new and new, stunning with their fabulous and bizarre forms of the collection. Proud peacocks, strange plants, lace ruffles, woven textures, ancient letters – this wallpaper is what I want to call a work of art! Make your kitchen royally audacious and stylish!

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Wall mural on the wall: make your kitchen special!

This is definitely one of the most fashionable and spectacular ways to decorate your kitchen space. According to its decorative capabilities, this element of wall design simply has no equal! Tastefully selected wallpapers seem to expand the boundaries of the room and create the illusion of perspective. The familiar wall suddenly turns into a summer garden, a cozy foreign street or the ocean coast.

Photographic images require a lot of space for themselves and will look best in a minimalist interior: a neutral background, a minimal amount of furniture and decorative elements.

Often photowall-paper is used in spacious kitchen-living rooms for zoning of space, creating unusual visual effects. But this does not mean that they can not be used in small kitchens . In this case, it is important to select a photographic image, taking into account the dimensions of the room, so as not to create a feeling of whipping and inappropriate decor. To learn how to decorate the interior of the living room with photo murals, read our article .

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Sticking wallpaper in the kitchen with your own hands!

The very implementation of all their design ideas is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. In these videos you will find valuable recommendations on how to cope with the task of wallpapering in the kitchen.

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